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In the language of mathematics, percentage is regarded as a number in the fraction of 100. It is normally denoted with the symbol of "%", or simply "pct" or "percent". For instance, 85% is equivalent to 0.85 or 85/100. The online percentage calculator above can take any two values and calculate the third value. In case you are wondering how to use the percentage key present on your calculator, then don’t panic! It has various ways depending on the type of calculator you possess. On certain percentage calculators, the answer will be displayed after pushing the [%] button while on others you will have to push the [%] button and then the [=] button together.

Find the most accurate formulas here on this page:
Percentage Formula
P% × V1 = V2

Percentage Increase/Decrease Formula
Percentage Increase = |V2 - V1| / V1

Percentage Difference Formula
Percentage Difference = |V2 - V1| / ((V1 - V2)/2)

Percentage Calculate

Percentage Difference Calculator

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