Restaurants, sports & entertainment facilities to be reopened in Saudi Arabia

Bol News  |  Mar 06, 2021

After months of lockdown, Saudi Arabia has finally announced to ease restrictions that were imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus.

As per the international sources, restrictions on entertainment and other events will be eased from March 7. Moreover, cinemas, gyms, and sports areas will be reopened from March 7 as well.

However, all events and parties such as weddings, corporate events, and hotel events will remain suspended until further notice.

Inspection campaigns will be increased to ensure restrictions are being implemented well.

People have been requested to continue following measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The authorities said that there would be an increase in spot checks to ensure everyone followed the rules.

Saudi Arabia to continue with online education until end of school year

Earlier in February, Saudi Arabia decided to continue the online education system to curb the spread of coronavirus.

As per the details, the Ministry of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh has announced that educational processes will be done remotely in the Kingdom until the end of the current academic year. Sheikh announced that the measure has been taken as part of the government’s efforts to limit the spread of the virus.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Minister said in a statement that the decision is an affirmation of the wise leadership’s interest in the safety of students and all education personnel from the risks of being infected with the deadly virus.

The decision comes as a high number of coronavirus cases are being reported in Saudi Arabia. There are 2,455 active cases. The Kingdom has dealt with 375,333 confirmed cases out of which 6,466 have died and 366,412 have recovered so far.

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