PM Imran is torch-bearer of hope

The Nation  |  Mar 06, 2021

ISLAMABAD   -  Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz Friday said the opposition did not give positive response to the Pakistan Teheek-e-Insaf’s initiatives for open balloting to hold free and transparent Senate elections because it did not suit their ideology and priorities.

Addressing a news conference flanked by Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain and PTI’s Senator-elect Ali Zafar, he said the scourge of corruption was introduced in politics after 1985 party-less elections when the persons like Nawaz Sharif had entered the political arena.

The society’s social and ethical values, he said, were destroyed and importance was given to accumulating wealth instead of protecting the people’s interests.

Both the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) were responsible for moral degradation in the political culture and democratic values, ruining economy, and undermining the credibility of traditional institutions. The minister said Prime Minister Imran Khan joined politics with the slogan to end corrupt practices like horse-trading, use of money and bullying. He said elections were the essence of democracy. A building could not be erected properly if its foundation was faulty. With transparency in the electoral process, the image of institutions and parliamentarians could be restored, he added.

Ballistic missile strike kills one in northern Syria Shibli Faraz said the PTI did strive to materialise the PM’s narrative about transparent elections by introducing the bill in the National Assembly, and sending a presidential reference to the Supreme Court for guidance for open balloting in the Senate polls.

He said on one side there was Imran Khan, the torch-bearer of hope and truth, and on the other there were the harbingers of ‘darkness’. The results of recent Senate elections had vindicated the prime minister’s stance.

Replying to the questions of media persons, he said the PTI had expelled its members of the provincial assembly for violation of party discipline in the 2018 Senate elections and the media should ask the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) parties as to how many members they had expelled on that count.

The PTI’s struggle, he said, was for purging the system of corruption for the coming generations keeping political considerations aside. He said the prime minister’s decision to take a fresh vote of confidence proved that values were more important for him than power, and no such example existed in the country’s political history.

UK variant behind up to 90% of cases in parts of Spain He said Imran Khan was fighting against those, who had plundered the national resources, and every upright and honest person stood by him in that struggle.

The minister said one had to face odds and difficulties in the fight for truth, but it was more important as to who stood firm on his / her stance. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan as an individual started his struggle against the status quo and now with the grace of Allah Almighty, the PTI was the single largest party in both the National Assembly and the Senate.

Shibli Faraz said the opposition leaders considered those elections fair and free which they won and, otherwise, the polls were termed unfair and rigged. Whereas the PTI leadership had the clear stance that objections would be raised if elections were not free.

To a question, he said the PML-N had made a ludicrous claim that they had offered party tickets to the PTI members for voting for the PDM candidate Yusuf Raza Gilani. The PML-N ticket had no value in comparison to that of the PTI, which had well worth. Actually PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz had used the word ‘ticket’ as simile for ‘currency notes’.

Davis Cup: Japan prevails over Pakistan on day first It was also a matter of disappointment that Pakistan Peoples’ Party leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari despite being an educated person was giving justifications for corruption, he added.

They were the people, who made victory signs while coming out of jail for court proceedings in corruption cases, and Imran Khan was fighting against that mindset, the minister remarked.

About the incumbent Sadiq Sanjrani nomination for the Senate chairmanship, Shibli Faraz said the PTI leadership took the decision after consultations with the allied parties. Sanjarani belonged to Balochistan and the government wanted that province’s representation in the Federation as the National Assembly speaker belonged to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the PM to Punjab, and the president belonged to Sindh

Another reason for Sanjrani’s nomination was his performance of the past three years as Senate chairman as he was a popular figure who had run the House in a very efficient manner, he added.

Galatasaray forward Mohamed handed 1-match ban No plan to stage protest

Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Friday said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government always respected the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and it had no plan to stage protest outside the ECP building.

The minister said the ECP was respectable institution and would remain respectable for the government in future too. He was of the views that institutions should prove their independence and impartiality through actions. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had said in his address to nation that it was the responsibility of the ECP to ensure holding of free, fair and transparent elections and end horse trading.   

Fawad Chaudhary said Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the government and ECP should jointly evolve a mechanism to ensure conducting of free, fair and transparent elections.

Cholistan Desert visit: COAS Bajwa updated on Zarb-e-Hadeed exercise “Transparent election is the main pillar of Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI’s politics,” he added. He said the credit of introducing impartial umpires in the international cricket went to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said the PTI wanted to see Election Commission of Pakistan as an independent and powerful institution. He was of the view that actions of the ECP should prove its independence and impartiality.

The minister said the leaked video of Yusuf Raza Gilani’s son and the statement of Marryam Nawaz with regard to offering party tickets to Members of National Assembly in exchange of Senate vote for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) candidate, were the proofs of rigging.

He said it was also a proof of the rigging that under one-roof, one candidate had won while the other of the same party loosed.

Before the Senate polls, Fawad Chaudhary said that a government delegation had met with the members of ECP and Election Commissioner of Pakistan with the offer of providing assistance in introduction of technology aimed at ensure transparency in the elections.

About the Prime Minister’s vote of confidence from the National Assembly on Saturday, he said about 179 members of PIT and its allied party would repose their trust on Imran Khan on Saturday.

He said there was no legal requirement for the vote of confidence for Prime Minister, but the leaders like Imran Khan could only take such a brave decision.

He said Imran Khan had stated that if the government failed to gather the support of 172 plus members, there was no moral justification for the government to stay in power, adding the PM always accepted the challenges and faced them courageously.

To a question, he disagreed with the impression that the government had given development funds to lawmakers.

Senator-elect Barrister Ali Zafar said the ECP was a constitutional institution and its decisions could be debated and criticised by the citizens, adding the ECP was asked to introduce modern technology for the senate polls, which was refused.

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