Nawaz Criticizes Opponents, Judiciary in Jaranwala Rally [AbbTakk] 27 Jan, 2018

Nawaz Criticizes Opponents, Judiciary in Jaranwala RallyJaranwala (January 27, 2018): Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that he has come to public’s court to get real decision for him and PML N. Addressing a huge public gathering in Jaranwala, former Prime Minister said that people of Jaranwala has always been supporting PML N.“I came to the public’s court to get justice,” he said. “I see the same spirit here in Jaranwala that I saw when I got out to seek the public’s support on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road.”Talking about court decision regarding his ouster, Nawaz said that I was ousted because I did not draw salay from my son.“Is it a crime to not draw a salary from your son?” Nawaz questioned the attendees of the rally. “I was ousted because of this crime.”He reminded the people that he had promised in Jaranwala to construct a motorway.“Raise your hands and tell me, did I not fulfil my promise?” he said. “Nawaz Sharif always fulfils his promises.”He stressed that he ended the power outages in the country during his tenure.“I recall the time when we conducted the nuclear tests in 1999,” he said. “Pakistan was on the way to become the Asian tiger, its economy was growing, but Musharraf ruined Pakistan’s bright prospects by imposing martial law.”During his address, Nawaz said that the country was faced with rampant terrorism and power outages when the PML-N government took charge in 2013.“We made efforts to counter these challenges and were successful to a certain extent,” he said. “But today, Pakistan is being looked at with malicious intentions again.”He claimed that he had told former US president Barrack Obama that drone attacks in Pakistan were not acceptable.“I told Obama that Pakistan is a sovereign state and drone attacks would not be tolerated, and do you not remember that during my tenure those attacks had stopped,” he reminded the public of Jaranwala.Nawaz reminded the public that they elected him as the prime minister.“You elected me as the prime minister so how can someone else announce my ouster,” he said, adding that whether his disqualification was for five years or life, no one could affect his relationship with the public.“The public’s decision will be the final decision Inshallah.”“There is another petition in the court to get me removed from party presidentship, but will you accept such a decision?” he inquired the rally participants.The PML-N president claimed that not only God but His people were also with him.“I speak about the movement of justice today, which will ensure that a person will not have to deal with cases against their grandfather.”Earlier, Maryam Nawaz took the stage prior to Nawaz’s address and implored the rally’s attendees to rise up against the injustices in Pakistan.While addressing a rally in Jaranwala, she extended her verbal onslaught against judiciary. “Do you want such a Pakistan where punishment is given even before hearing of cases”, Maryam asked attendants while stating at the same time, “Nawaz Sharif has given accountability of three generations”.Keeping verbal onslaught up, she asked people whether they want such a Pakistan where punishment is given on contempt of court but no penalty is subjected on those who are found guilty of contempt of vote.Maryam urged people to topple over the plotters while stressing on uniting in judiciary-restoration movement.She extolled Jaranwala and Faisalabad for always remaining loyal to Nawaz Sharif and strengthening PMLN. Maryam said Jaranwala has gifted Talal-like lion to party.“Do you accept a Pakistan where the public’s vote has the lowest worth,” questioned Maryam.“Are you willing to accept a Pakistan in which an elected prime minister attends court summons, along with his daughter, but dictators such as Musharraf pay no heed to the court,” she said.Jibing at political opponent Imran Khan, she asked the attendees if they were willing to accept a Pakistan where the judiciary was biased toward a ‘ladlaa’ (favourite).“After God, the public’s court holds the most power,” she said, stressing that the public should support her unjustly ousted father in his journey for justice.Maryam urged Jaranwala’s public to rise and punish the ‘conspiring pawns.’“We will continue to fight the battle for the right of people,” she said.The preparations for the rally were completed earlier in the day. completed. A 120×10 feet stage was set up with PML-N banners and posters placed at different locations.Party workers and supporters gathered at the rally site amid strict security measures taken by local law enforcement.Maryam also shared a video of their drive to Jaranwala, with supporters crowding on roads to welcome them.Both sides of the road to Jaranwala crowded with people out on the streets to welcome MNS. Amazing spectacle Masha’Allah.— Maryam Nawaz Sharif (@MaryamNSharif) January 27, 2018She wrote: “Both sides of the road to Jaranwala crowded with people out on the streets to welcome MNS. Amazing spectacle Masha’Allah.”Related News:Nawaz, Maryam Reach Jaranwala To Address RallyMaryam Suggests Public Hanging of Imran Abbtakk english Abbtakk Pakistan Abbtakk Updates abbtakktv English English News Judiciary in Jaranwala Rally Nawaz Criticizes Opponents Pakistan Pakistan News

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