What recent act does Alizeh Shah gravely regret ?

Bol News  |  Jun 14, 2021

Alizeh Shah, a young emerging actress of the Pakistani showbiz industry, began to regret having her hair cut short.

Alizeh Shah shared a funny meme regarding her hair length to her Instagram Story.

The meme shows a girl’s long locks and how she immediately regrets it after they are cut.

The meme shared by Alizeh Shah reads, “When you cut your hair and realize you liked it better longer”

After viewing the Instagram story of the young actress, it has become clear that she is now regretting having her hair cut short.

It should be noted that Alizeh Shah had cut her long locks and got a new short haircut for which she faced a lot of criticism. Netizens seem to hold divided opinions regarding her hair length.

Some social media users said that Alizeh Shah looks good with long hair while some said that she looks more beautiful with the new haircut.

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