Ushna Shah cautions women to take safety measures while travelling late night

DailyTimes  |  Jul 26, 2021

Pertaining to the brutal news murder of Noor Mukadam, renowned TV actress Ushna Shah has cautioned women to take safety measures while travelling late night.

Taking it to her Instagram, the actress referred to the story of her travel late night on the day Noor got killed.

Sharing a screenshot of her tweet which she had sent out that night.She expressed her resentment “I had to travel 40 minutes away late last night. I kept a taser-gun out of its holster next to me so it was within quick reach. Window shades up. An extra phone in case I got mugged. Live location shared with friend in case it was worse. Just another day being a woman in Pakistan”.

The actress then expressed disappointment over the reaction to her tweet. According to Ushna, she was told, “by a great number of men and women that I was exaggerating and over-doing it by carrying a taser and sharing my live location with a friend.”

She went on to share another screenshot stating number of advices for women who travel late at night.

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