CDA de-seals Centaurus mall partially

The Nation  |  Dec 06, 2022

 CDA de-seals Centaurus mall partially

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Tuesday de-sealed parts of Centaurus mall – a prominent shopping mall in the capital – complying with the CDA regulations.

The CDA decided to de-seal the first floor while maintaining the seal on the basement upon non-conformation of the CDA regulations.

Earlier, the mall had been sealed with hard fences around the walls of the mall upon mall’s non-compliance with fire safety measures and CDA building control regulations.

The CDA building control and Islamabad management took out the guards along with the whole management and sealed the mall at night.

The notice on the entrance states that the mall has been sealed because of its illegal use and the steps told by CDA building control and fire safety have not been taken into action rather the damage caused by the fire is still not amended.

A few months ago, fire had erupted in the mall prompting authorities to direct the mall’s administration to enforce effective fire safety standards.

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The mall is owned by Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister and PTI leader Sardar Tanveer Ilyas.

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