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Nokia Mobiles – Regarded as world’s most favorite and most used mobile phone brand, Nokia Mobiles has came a long way. From simple bar phones to latest high tech Window phones, Nokia has been dominating the mobile market from decades.

Nokia have two strong businesses namely; Nokia Networks and Nokia Technologies. Nokia Mobile manufacturing has gained immense appreciation from masses across the globe since past few decades. Nokia Mobile business initially made its name from wide range of bar phones, feature phones, and later smart phones. Since the time of its launch the company was able to make a mark in the world of mobile market. They tapped in every market segment and reached the hands of maximum number of users across the globe in almost 120 countries.

Nokia Mobiles entered Pakistani market with feature phones, candy bar phones, and later the smart phones. Pakistani buyers accepted the brand whole heartedly. No brand has as many service centres in Pakistan other than Nokia Mobiles with maximum number of authorized dealers and sellers. Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan is recognized on the basis of their human friendliness, durability, flexibility, and performance. Some devices of old Nokia Mobiles are classified as unbreakable; no matter how much you drop them they will never damage the screen. This quality of Nokia Mobile is hardly found in any other brand.

From low end devices to high end flag ships Nokia Mobiles have launched various phone series namely Lumia Series and Asha Series. The Nokia Mobile price is another most attractive feature for the users, as it comes in some decent economical price tags. The users look for Nokia Price in Pakistan whenever they browse their favorite Nokia devices online. Nokia Mobiles has also gloried on manufacturing Dual SIM devices, and Nokia Phone Accessories. This page is dedicated to the wide category of Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan. You can find all Nokia mobiles with nearest market price listed on this page. The upcoming Nokia Mobile phones in Pakistan include Lumia 640 LTE, Nokia C1, 215 Dual SIM, Lumia 928, Lumia Icon, Lumia 929, and Asha202 to name a few are listed on this page with accurate specification details. Find these amazing Nokia Mobile Phones along with their product details and authentic prices online on this page.

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Nokia Mobile Phones

Showing 97 products of Nokia in Pakistan, by Last Updated on Thursday, August 25 2016. Nokia Mobiles Prices in Pakistan – Connecting People since ages! Nokia Mobiles has been dominating the mobile manufacturing industry since past decade. Right from old style bar phones to new era’s flagship devices .. Read more
Nokia Asha 210 Price in Pakistan
Asha 210
RS. 7000
Nokia C2-01 Price in Pakistan
RS. 6900
Nokia Asha 306 Price in Pakistan
Asha 306
RS. 6900
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Nokia Asha 300 Price in Pakistan
Asha 300
RS. 6800
Nokia Asha 201 Price in Pakistan
Asha 201
RS. 6500
Nokia 207 Price in Pakistan
RS. 6300
Nokia C2-06 Price in Pakistan
RS. 6200
Nokia Asha 205 Price in Pakistan
Asha 205
RS. 6100
Nokia Asha 206 Price in Pakistan
Asha 206
RS. 6000
Nokia 225 Price in Pakistan
RS. 6000
Nokia C2-05 Price in Pakistan
RS. 5700
Nokia Asha 500 Price in Pakistan
Asha 500
RS. 5500
Nokia Asha 501 Price in Pakistan
Asha 501
RS. 5500
Nokia Asha 500 Dual SIM Price in Pakistan
Asha 500 Dual SIM
RS. 5450
Nokia 230 Dual SIM Price in Pakistan
230 Dual SIM
RS. 5000
Nokia 222 Price in Pakistan
RS. 4700
Nokia 222 Dual SIM Price in Pakistan
222 Dual SIM
RS. 4700
Nokia 208 Price in Pakistan
RS. 4700
Nokia Asha 220 Price in Pakistan
Asha 220
RS. 4500
Nokia 230 Price in Pakistan
RS. 4300
Nokia 112 Price in Pakistan
RS. 4200
Nokia 110 Price in Pakistan
RS. 4000
Nokia Asha 230 Price in Pakistan
Asha 230
RS. 3900
Nokia 215 Price in Pakistan
RS. 3800
Nokia 108 Dual SIM Price in Pakistan
108 Dual SIM
RS. 3280
Nokia 108 Single SIM Price in Pakistan
108 Single SIM
RS. 3200
Nokia 101 Price in Pakistan
RS. 3050
Nokia 130 Dual SIM Price in Pakistan
130 Dual SIM
RS. 2650
Nokia 130 Price in Pakistan
RS. 2650
Nokia 107 Dual SIM Price in Pakistan
107 Dual SIM
RS. 2600

Latest Reviews on Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia Asha 302

mujay chaheye new set usd my 2 hay mery saat magar mujy new chahiye 03078540416

abdur rehman , peshawar Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia 230

Ya mobile vpp karin mary leya ma na lana ha r orgnial ha to contect numbr 03442051987

Shari khan , Shinkhari mansehra Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia Lumia 625

I have recently purchased this brand new Nokia Lumia 625 and it seem like a decent phone with no complicated features. It works perfectly well and does not effect my daily working. Highly recommended

Raheel , Kohat Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia Lumia 735

I am not a big fan of Nokia's camera technology and therefore, this Nokia Lumia 735 is not suitable for me. I wanted a proper phone with a balance of specifications but unfortunately this phone does not offer it all.

Taimoor , Hyderabad Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia Lumia 635

Someone gifted me this Nokia Lumia 635 which I want to resale as I dont use Windows phone. I got this phone one week back. Thanks for offering me this platform where I can offer it for sale.

Umer , Karachi Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia Asha 503

I want to sell my recently bought Nokia Asha 503 phone available in good condition. I am ready to sell it in 20% less than the original amount. Only the genuine interested buyers can contact me here from Lahore.

Dawood , Lahore Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia Lumia 1020

I just wished that if you guys can improve its battery specs to some extent and also include an SD card slot, then this Nokia Lumia 1020 would be the amazing phone one can dream to possess.

Madiha , Karachi Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Dual SIM integrated Nokia X2 is not something extraordinary from Nokia Mobiles. The features presented here and focus on middle class target audience. Price is also affordable for masses.

Iqra , Karachi Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia 225

Nokia 225 is totally an average phone that does not come with any amazing or outstanding features that most of you think of when they put their hands on this gorgeous device.

Rida , Lahore Wed 24 Aug, 2016
Nokia Asha 305

Nokia Asha 305 is my favorite one. I have an intention to replace my previous phone with this one pretty soon. Please tell me the price mentioned here is from an authentic source or not?

Usman , Karachi Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Nokia Mobiles Prices in Pakistan – Connecting People since ages! Nokia Mobiles has been dominating the mobile manufacturing industry since past decade. Right from old style bar phones to new era’s flagship devices, Nokia Mobiles has come a long way to achieve the status of the finest mobile brand in the world. Nokia Mobiles are classified as human friendly with simpler user interface. The traditional mobiles of Nokia are popular due to their simple usage, unique design, specs and features. Nokia Mobiles entered the market of smart phones with Lumia Series operated on Windows OS. It has been learnt that recently Nokia Mobiles, the leader in performance oriented devices has discontinued its’ mobile manufacturing unit under a contract with Microsoft. Almost all Nokia smart phones are Windows operated but recently Nokia Mobiles entered the Android World by launching Nokia X, and Nokia XL devices. Nokia has once again proved its reliability for the users.

People can locate Nokia mobiles in various price tags based on their specs and features. In Pakistan, Nokia Mobiles is available in every leading shopping mall or mobile market in reliable warranties and accessories. Advance telecom, TeleTech, Mobile Zone, and Green Tech are the leading warranty providers that sell Nokia phones in Pakistan under their warranty labels. Nokia offers Touch and Type mobiles with features like dual SIM mobiles etc. Some of the latest and upcoming Nokia Mobile includes Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 650, Lumia 650 Dual SIM, Lumia 550, to name a few. Nokia Mobiles and smartphones have its own target market and company focuses on catering the requirements of its customers. The brand modifies its devices and come up with updated versions on regular basis. This page covers the authentic Nokia Mobiles prices for each launched and upcoming device. Here you can have latest information about latest upcoming Nokia Mobiles in 2016 and prices in Pakistan, specifications, details about new changes and updates.