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Funny Sms

Nike was founded by a Man, so its tagline says
"Just do it!"

If 'Nike' had been founded by a woman, its tagline would have been:
"Just do it... if you want to... I don't want to force you... It's your life... I don't care... don't listen to me... Do what you want to do... Who am I to say anything!"

Sender:Raza Date:05-06-2015
Funny Sms

Jis ko FARAZ ne chaha wo kisi or ki ho gayi
Jis ko FARAZ ne chaha wo kisi or ki ho gayi
Lo yaro PEPSI phr se 70 ki ho gayi,:-)

Sender:Yasir Date:04-06-2015
Funny Sms

G - Gapshup Mein Sabse Aage
I - Innocent, Sirf Shakal Se
R - Rone Ki Automatic Machine
L - Ladai Mein Sab Ki Amma

Sender:Ali Date:03-06-2015
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Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about others & legends never talk, they send SMS.

Sender:Zishan Date:02-06-2015
Funny Sms

The first 10 years of a girl's life is spent playing with Barbie and the next 10 years are spent trying to look like one!

Sender:aLI Date:31-05-2015
Funny Sms

Don't judge me because I'm quiet. No one plans a murder out loud!

Sender:Sahir Date:30-05-2015
Funny Sms

Lord, let me be as happy to come to work on a Monday, as I am on a Friday!

Sender:Sahir Date:29-05-2015
Funny Sms

Judge: why r u arrested?
Sardar: for shopping early?
Judge: well, that's not a crime,
anyway how early were u shopping?

Sardar: before opening the shop.....:p

Sender:Yasir Date:28-05-2015
Funny Sms

Nice people are like Wind,
you can only feel their presence and sincerity
Don't look here and there to find them
Just look at the name of Sender:

Sender:Rehan Date:27-05-2015
Funny Sms

In an African Safari,A LION suddenly bounced on Santa's wife.
WIFE-Shoot him! Shoot him!
SANTA-Yes Yes.I'm changing d battery of my camera.

Sender:Sunny Date:26-05-2015
Funny Sms

Man1 sitting with dog.
Man2:Your dog bits?
Man 2 sits and the dog bits!
Man2 angrily, you said he does not bit!
Man:That is not my dog.

Sender:Samad Date:25-05-2015
Funny Sms

Sardar : What is the name of your car ?
Lady : I forgot the name, but is starts with "T".
Sardar : Oye Kamaal ki gaadi hai, Tea se start hoti hai.
Hamaara gaadi petrol se start hoti hai.

Sender:Zaheer Date:22-05-2015
Funny Sms

Teacher : U failure !
At tour age Bill gates stood first in the class
Student : Mind u, Sir,
but at your age Hitler committed suicide

Sender:Aliyan Date:21-05-2015
Funny Sms

When i open my eyes every morning i pray to God
that everyone should have a friend like you…
Why should only i suffer!

Sender:Sahir Date:20-05-2015
Funny Sms

Millions of people write Love Letters.
But everyone send there 1st love letter mostly to me.
Just imagine how lucky I am!
Great words Said by,

Sender:Ramzam Date:19-05-2015
Funny Sms

D.R.A.M.A. - (D)umb (R)etards (A)sking for (M)ore (A)ttention

Sender:Axif Date:18-05-2015
Funny Sms

Lord, let me be as happy to come to work on a Monday, as I am on a Friday!

Sender:Taha Date:18-05-2015
Funny Sms

Golfer: Young man, why did you keep looking at your watch?
Caddy: This isn't a watch, it's a Compass!

Sender:Axif Date:15-05-2015
Funny Sms

Each of us has his own fear but
Sooner or later we must face it.
It takes a lot of guts to overcome it.
So don’t be afraid to face your fear.
Go ahead, take a bath.

Sender:Axif Date:12-05-2015
Funny Sms

Silence is a language, too!
So if you don't hear anything from your wife, it doesn't mean you are safe!

Sender:Rehan Date:11-05-2015