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Funny Sms

Employee: I want Hike.
Boss: Install it from 'Play Store'.

Sender:Jani Date:23-04-2015
Funny Sms

3 mistakes of everyone's life:

Sender:Jani Date:22-04-2015
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HR Head addressing employees:
This year too, increments will be as per the Bell Curve.
One of the Employees: What is that?
HR Head: Let me put it in Hindi, "Ghanta Milega!"

Sender:Panchi Date:22-04-2015
Funny Sms

I just want to sit down and watch a nice movie with a girlfriend.
Can anyone recommend...
His nice girlfriend?

Sender:Momo Date:21-04-2015
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Math: Only place where people buy 60 watermelons and no one wonders why!

Sender:Ali Date:21-04-2015
Funny Sms

I would like to apologize to anyone I have not offended. Please be patient. I will get to you shortly!

Sender:Akram Date:20-04-2015
Funny Sms

Short & Sharp:
Wife: I Love You!
Husband: Come to the point!

Sender:Ashmat Date:20-04-2015
Funny Sms

I went to a yoga class today and the instructor told me to only do what I felt comfortable doing and then she gave me a yoga mat.
So I took a nap!

Sender:Adham Date:17-04-2015
Funny Sms

How I use my phone:
40% to use Whatsapp.
35% to use Facebook.
10% to take Photos.
8% to play Games.
5% check the Time.
2% to actually Calls.

Sender:Taha Date:16-04-2015
Funny Sms

Dedicated to all Women:
Everyday wake up in the morning, look at your wonderful husband and think -
Damn, he is so lucky!

Sender:Ali Date:15-04-2015
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Heart Melting Lines
If You Are In Tears
Without Any Reason Then..

Then Somebody Is Peeling Onion Near You….

Don’t Over Imagine…

Sender:Ali Date:14-04-2015
Funny Sms

Promise me we are true friends
I am lamp you are light
I am Coke you are Sprite
I am Sawan you are badal
I am Normal you are Pagal
I am Water you are Tanki
I am Tarzan you are Monkey

Sender:Irfan Date:13-04-2015
Funny Sms

What is the true meaning of Study?
S - Sleeping
T - Talking
U - Unlimited Messaging
D - Dreaming
Y - Yaani ke mast life
SO carry on with your study!

Sender:Ali Date:10-04-2015
Funny Sms

Boy: I love you.
Girl: Meri Chappal Ka Size Pata Hai Na?
Boy: Lo Kar Lo Baat, Friendship Hui Nahi Farmaishan Shuru!

Sender:Irfan Date:09-04-2015
Funny Sms

Boy U r d Sunshine
Of My Life !
Without U Life’s Like A
Dreamy Cloud !
U r In My Heart Like A
Lovely Drizzle In d Sun !
Girl: Now Go Further
I’ve 2 Listen More
Weather Report :p

Sender:Arif Date:08-04-2015
Funny Sms

I'm having some vision trouble today. I can't see myself doing anything!

Sender:Ali Date:07-04-2015
Funny Sms

Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all.

Sender:Omar Date:07-04-2015
Funny Sms

A new study shows that Diarrhoea is hereditary... it runs in your Jeans!

Sender:Omar Date:06-04-2015
Funny Sms

There are two type of studies:

1. Hard subjects which cannot be studied.
2. Easy subject that doesn't need to be studied!

Sender:Shahzaib Date:03-04-2015
Funny Sms

When people call you 'Photogenic', they're actually trying to tell you that you look 'Uglier' than your picture!

Sender:Arif Date:03-04-2015