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A small boy took a knife and wrote his girlfriend's name on his hand
After a minute he started crying loudly...
No..!! Then???..

Spelling mistake..!! :O

Sender:Suhail Date:06-10-2015
Funny Sms

A sardar ji pulled out 6 people from a burning house...
still he was in jail.......why?
coz all the 6 were fire brigade staff !

Sender:Ammar Date:05-10-2015
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If i need "Brain Transplantation" I will prefer your brain...
don't think that u r a genius..........
i need a brain which is never used before

Sender:Sahir Date:03-10-2015
Funny Sms

Teachr: Tum bade ho kr kya kroge?
Santa: Shadi.
Teachr: Nahi, mera mtlab kya banoge?
Santa:”DADDY “

Sender:Nehal Date:02-10-2015
Funny Sms

After knee surgery Doctor advised Santa, "For a few days you will have to use a walker."
Santa: No problem Doctor. Will 'Johnny Walker' be okay?

Sender:Hamza Date:01-10-2015
Funny Sms

Girl: What is the price of Galaxy Grand?
Salesman: Rs.18,000/-
Girl: OMG!
Girl: And IPhone?
Salesman: OMG + OMG + OMG + OMG

Sender:Amir Date:30-09-2015
Funny Sms

Women fall in love by what they hear.
Men fall in love by what they see.
That's why women wear makeup and men lie.

Sender:Haroon Date:30-09-2015
Funny Sms

Boy:I love u
Girl:Me too
Boy:Tum mujhe kitna pyar karti ho?
Girl:Jitna tum mujhe karte ho
Boy: U cheater..
main samjha tum waqai mujh se pyar karti ho

Sender:Haroon Date:29-09-2015
Funny Sms

A man's wife was in ICU.
Doctors did their best but she was not responding.
Doctor said to husband, "We are sorry. Everything is in God's hand now."
Husband was inconsolable and was kept saying, "She is hardly 40".
An almost inaudible voice from wife's bed said, "37"!

Sender:Tahir Date:28-09-2015
Funny Sms

Tobacco, Weed, Beer and Whiskey are all made from plants...
I think I might be a vegetarian!

Sender:Arsalan Date:28-09-2015
Funny Sms

Live, Laugh, Love
If that doesn't work,
Load, Aim and Fire

Sender:Ali Date:28-09-2015
Funny Sms

Mom: Sofa letne ke liye nahi hota baithne ke liye hota hai
Son: Ha toh Chappal bhi maarne k liye nahi pehen ne ke liye hoti hai..


Ek chappl aur padi..

Sender:Ali Date:22-09-2015
Funny Sms

Compromising does not mean you are wrong and your wife is right.
It only means that the safety of your head is much more important than your ego!

Sender:Nasir Date:21-09-2015
Funny Sms

Two girls were talking
Girl 1: Do you have Whatsapp?
Girl 2: No
Girl 1: Twitter?
Girl 2: No
Girl 1: Facebook?
Girl 2: No
Girl 1: Then what do you have?
Girl 2: A LIFE!!
Girl 1: Great! I need 1 for Candy Crush!

Sender:Nasir Date:19-09-2015
Funny Sms

Johnny Johnny... Yes Papa!
Corporate Job... Yes Papa!
Lots of Tension... Yes Papa!
Too Much Work... Yes Papa!
Family Life... No Papa!
BP Sugar... High Papa!
Yearly Bonus... Joke Papa!
Annual Pay... Low Papa!
Personal Life... Lost Papa!
Promotion Incentive... HaHaHa!

Sender:Sameer Date:18-09-2015
Funny Sms

At Gym
Guy 1: I lost 5kg in two months.
Guy 2: I lost 10 kg in two months.
Santa: I lost 45 kg in a day.
Guy 1 & Guy 2: Oh wow, but how?
Santa: Lost my baggage at Airport!

Sender:Samad Date:18-09-2015
Funny Sms

She~how is my new dress?
Me~Saif Ali khan
Me~Saif Ali khan

Sender:Sameer Date:17-09-2015
Funny Sms

What the dislike button on FB means:
Chup Be
Chal Jhoothi
Munh Dho Ke Aa
Shakal Dekhi Hai?

Sender:Jamal Date:17-09-2015
Funny Sms

Height of addiction:
In a school form, when a student asked about the "permanent address", a student wrote "WhatsApp"!

Sender:Rohan Date:16-09-2015
Funny Sms

Don't break anybody's heart, they have only one
Break their bones, they have 206

Sender:Yasir Date:15-09-2015