Birthday Sms Messages

Birthday SMS - Say Happy Birthday in new style. The most important day of everyone’s life is his/her birthday, we all love to send and receive birthday wishes but it gets difficult to chose the best greeting lines for sending birthday wishes, Whether it’s your brother’s birthday or mother’s birthday, father’s birthday or sister’s birthday here we have gathered the best of best latest collection of Happy Birthday SMS that you can send and spread love also find Urdu Birthday SMS and Roman Birthday SMS. Find 2015 largest collection of Birthday Sms messages at submitted by user, express your feeling with all the new Birthday Sms text messages of 2015, Birthday Sms Quotes, Wishes, Greetings in Urdu, English & Roman Urdu to send mobile sms your friend & family members in Pakistan now.

Birthday Sms

Millions of Greetings;
Thousands of Colours;
Hundreds of Wishes;
Hundreds of Cakes;
And lots of Smiles;
Thats what I ask God to give you through out your life!
H@ppy Birthd@y!

Sender:alia Date:24-05-2015
Birthday Sms

You can spend
hundreds on birthdays,
thousands on festivals,
lakhs on weddings,
but to celebrate
all you have to spend is your TIME

Sender:Larib Date:22-05-2015
Birthday Sms

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Sender:Zaheer Date:21-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you; but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday.

Sender:Anmol Date:20-05-2015
Birthday Sms

On your birthday,
I would like to give you
some words of wisdom
Smile while you still have teeth.
Many many happy returns of the day

Sender:Rehan Date:19-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Sending birthday blessings,
Filled with love and peace and joy,
Wishing sweetest things happen,
Right before your eyes !

Sender:Nehal Date:18-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Near or far wherever U are,
My best wishes are with U,
Aap jiyo hazaro saal,
May success & joy be yours everyday,
Yehi hai meri wish heart se!

“Happy Birthday”

Sender:Tahir Date:18-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Cute message for a cutest Person from cute Friend for a cute Reason at a cute Time form a cute Mind in a cute Mood in a cute Style Have a cute HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sender:aSAD Date:12-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Somebody up there Loves you
Somebody down here cares for you
Happy Birthday!!!

Sender:tahir Date:11-05-2015
Birthday Sms

May every star of ever night
In soft gleaming night of stars,
May all your dreams come true,
May every star of ever night,
Bring love-n-joy 2 you,
Happy birthday 2 you

Sender:tahir Date:09-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Flying papers,
multi colours of balloon,
delicated blossom,
fantastic people,
love and laughter.
What it describes? HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sender:Aslam Date:08-05-2015
Birthday Sms

A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
A cheer: 2 perfect ur day
A text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sender:Manoj Date:07-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Å néw suÑ
Å nèw dÄY
Ä nÉw §m§
Äsking Ü to
4GÉT Äll Ür
& TeÄR§
For §ØMÉ 1
WhÖ wÄnts to
U hÄppy GööD MORNING…..

Sender:Ammar Date:06-05-2015
Birthday Sms

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older

Sender:Nehal Date:05-05-2015
Birthday Sms

ear or far wherever U are,
My best wishes are with U,
Aap jiyo hazaro saal,
May success & joy be yours everyday,
Yehi hai meri wish heart se!

“Happy Birthday”

Sender:Ashar Date:04-05-2015
Birthday Sms

Sweet sister I hope ur spcl day is filled with sunshine,
smiles laughter love and happiness Happy Birthday Sister...

Sender:gowtham Date:29-04-2015
Birthday Sms

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
from Lovely Friend
For a Lovely Reason
at a Lovely Time
from a Lovely Mind
in a Lovely Mood
in a Lovely Style
to wish you
Have a Lovely “BirthDay”

Sender:Nehal Date:29-04-2015
Birthday Sms

Life is very short,
So enjoy every moment,
Don’t lose your confidence
Go always ahead.

Happy Birthday

Sender:Nehal Date:28-04-2015
Birthday Sms

The day has come and it’s so special.
Today is your birthday day,
I wish you love, wisdom, and strength, on this special day.
Happy Birthday!

Sender:Osama Date:27-04-2015
Birthday Sms

The day is here,
No more fear,
You have grown a year,
Happy Birthday my dear!

Sender:Rohan Date:24-04-2015