Tandoori Raan Recipe

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1) Leg of lamb 1
2) Ginger garlic paste 50 gms
3) Turmeric powder 7 gms
4) Red chilli powder 5 gms
5) Balsamic vinegar 30 ml
6) Mustard oil 75 ml
7) Black cardamom powder 3 gm
8) clove powder 2 gms
9) Lemon wedges 2
10) Salt to taste
11) Lemon juice 50 ml
12) Shahi zeera(cumin) 2 gms
13) Onions, sliced 75 gms
14) Spring mint leaves 4


1. Clean the lamb leg trim the extra fat, wash it under running water and pat dry with kithchen towel.
2. Prick the lamb leg with fork.
3. Season it with ginger-garlic paste, salt, lemon juice, turmeric and red chilli powder.
4. Allow it to rest for an hour at warm place.
5. Second marination of lamb leg should be done in black cardamom powder, clove powder, yogurt balsamic vinegar and mustard oil.
6. Allow it to rest for three-four hours in a refrigerator.
7. Heat mustard oil.
8. Fry shahi zeera along with sliced onions till golden brown.
9. Put marinated lamb leg in a pot and genlty pour in hot oil along with brown onion on the meat.
10. Partially immerse the lamb leg in meat stock or water and allow it to cook gently on slow flame with covered lid.
11. When the meat is 80 percent cooked remove the lid and cook on high flame so that excessive moisture gets evaporated.
12. Allow it cool. Place the meat in a tandoor for a 10-12 minutes or preheated oven for 12-15 minutes.

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