potato chops

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potato chops – Every recipe can be prepared at home by simply browsing HamariWeb Recipes online. potato chops recipe appears to be difficult but is easy to make in real. You can try various posted recipes and share your valuable feedback.


chicken boneless(1kg),potato boiled(1kg),few corriander leaves,

half tbs red chilli powder

1 tbs black pepper

1tbs salt


first boil potatoes than mash with potato masher,boil the chicken in water with 1 pinch salt,then take a fry pan and add 2 tbs oil and add chredded chicken in it and put some chicken tikka powder and fry for 2 minutes ,then add with potato mix it well and shapes like chops..............and enjoy with green chutney...........

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What happened to the stuffing inside? potato Chop without the stuffing? Doesn't look delicious. Does anyone know how to prepare the stuffing?
By: Nusrat, Form: karachi, on 10 May, 2016
Potato Chops are tasty, if you try it at home.
By: Deena, Form: Karachi, on 26 May, 2015
Potato Chops are tasty, if you try it at home.
By: Deena, Form: Karachi, on 26 May, 2015
In the winter and also the month of ramadan potato chop is the most common dish, this time I prepare with this recipe.
By: Ashi, Form: Khi, on 27 Apr, 2015
The recipe of potato chops is totally wrong. Last time i watched the program of Gulzar, he made a chop with the help of his hand and he totally mash chicken also and mix with together.
By: fariya, Form: hyderabad, on 07 Jun, 2014
This was a fantastic treat for the us tonight. We will be making this again with a variety of potato chops. Thanks for the recipe.
By: Rabia, Form: Karachi, on 10 Jul, 2012
i am crazy about potato chops...early.. I used to purchase it frm market but now i will made it myself...thanks for sharing this recipe...
By: Rahel Asghar , Form: Pindi, on 31 May, 2012