Nargisi koftay

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Beef minced 1/2kg

Eggs hard boiled 3

Gram grind 1tsp

poppy seeds (grind)1tsp

Green chillies 4,5(chopped)

green coriander 1/2bunch(chopped)

Onion 1small(chopped)

Ginger garlic paste 1tbsp

Garam masala pwd 1tsp

Red chilli powder 1tsp

Salt to taste

Egg 1 for fry

Oil for fry 1/2cup

For Gravy

Onions 4(finely sliced)

Ginger garlic paste 4tbsp

Red chilli pwd 2tsp

Tumreric pwd 1/2tsp

Coriander pwd 4tbsp

Gram masala pwd 1tsp

mace & nutmeg pwd 1/2tsp

Yogurt 1/2cup

Oil 1cup

Salt to taste


Tomato 1

Green chillies 2,3


1. Koftay
2. Mix all ingredients in mince,dived mixture into 3 part,
3. cover boiled eggs with mince make smooth oval shape ,
4. dip in beated egg and fry in oil .
5. Let it cool put in freezer for 15 mins then with a sharp knife cut koftay vertically into 2 parts.keep aside.
7.Heat oil fry onions till golden brown put out from oil and spread on paper and grind.
8.add ginger garlic paste in oil fry it add red chilli pwd,salt,turmeric,coriender pwd
9. Fry it properly add yogurt and grind onion nutmeg & mace pwd
10. Cook till gravi become thick .
11. Now put all Koftay in gravi let it warm on lower flame for 5mins,pour gravi in serving dish and keep all koftay on the gravi garnish with tomatoes and green chillies.
12. Serve hot with naan or chapati.

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Nargisi koftay is nice awesome recipe it is made very tasty my mom made second time
By: Hafsa, Form: Karachi, on 12 Feb, 2019
I was randomly searching the internet and accidently found this amazing recipe of nargisi kofty. I cooked it and it was awesome in taste (Y).
By: Qasim, Form: Wazirabad, on 11 May, 2017
Oh. I never tried this recipe. Do not know what kind of this recipe is but I have heard a lot about it. Seems to be a good dish.
By: Halima, Form: Karachi, on 02 May, 2017
Nargisi koftay is really a very tasty recipe that must be tried by all of you here. I made it and believe me it was very delicious and outstanding dish to eat. Thank you.
By: Laila, Form: Kharian, on 30 Apr, 2017
so tasty and delicious do they seem. thank you for such recipe, i am rating it 10/10. keep it up and never stop sharing such mouth-watering dishes.
By: Tooba, Form: Mandra, on 27 Apr, 2017
Eid is just around so we all need some exciting recipes to feed our family and guests during Eid days. Making Nargisi Koftay; coated egg with mince mixture. 
By: asma, Form: kohat, on 23 Apr, 2017
This is the new method to make nargisi koftay which I will make it next time when mine daughter’s birthday happen because this is the most spicy and delicious recipe to make at any occasion
By: farha, Form: gujrat, on 18 Apr, 2017
Thank you very much for making me able to cook nargisi koftay at home. My kids like it very much and now I am able to make it for them anytime.
By: SHANZAY, Form: jalapur, on 01 Apr, 2017
Nargisi Koftay recipe is showing there easily and I finally made it with the tasty experience my family also like to it and tell me to make it again
By: Anam, Form: Karachi, on 22 Mar, 2017
Nrgisi koftay are not only impressive look cuisine dish even delicious cuisine, migrated from regions to regions because of its tasty texture.
By: shanzay, Form: kashmir, on 20 Mar, 2017

Nargisi koftay

Nargisi Koftay Recipe – Regarded as traditional Pakistani dish, Nargisi Koftay is one of the most popular meat recipe. Cooked on special occasions, Nargisi Koftay is one of famous dish of Asia. It is mostly cook on special occasions. It is a unique dish which is made by stuffing boiled egg inside a shell of mince. People like to enjoy it with hot Naans. This dish does not take much time to prepare. Try this simple Nargisi Koftay Recipe at your home and enjoy it with your special ones.