Clear Chicken Soup

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1) Chicken, boneless 1 1/2 kg

2) Chicken stock 3 glasses

3) Spring onions, chop white part in 4 pieces 2

4) Turnip, peel and chop in small cubes 1

5) Carrots, cut in rounds 2

6) Cabbage, chopped 1 medium

7) Corn flour 1 tsp

8) Bean sprouts 1/2 cup

9) White flour/ chicken stock cube mix 1 tbsp

10) White pepper powdered 1 tsp

11) Sugar 1 tsp

12) White vinegar 2 tbsp

13) Salt to taste

14) Soya sauce 2 tbsp

15) Sesame seed oil few drops

16) Oil 1 tbsp


1. Put chicken in small pieces and marinate in 1 tsp corn flour, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp white flour/ chicken stock cube mix and a little salt.
2. In a large pan put the chicken stock and chicken to cook on low heat.
3. After ten minutes add all vegetables except bean sprouts and spring onions leaves, and all other ingredients except sesame seed and oil.
4. Cook for five minutes.
5. If the stock is not enough add some hot water or more stock.
6. Serve hot, sprinkled with sesame seed oil, bean sprouts and spring onion.


Clear Chicken Soup

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