Hari Chicken Biryani

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Submited by Haniya Tauseef from Karachi


Chicken 1 kg

Yogurt 1cup

Rice 2 cups

Green coriander 2 bunches

Garlic cloves 5-6

Green chilies 10

Black pepper 1/2tbsp

Lemon 6

Garlic and ginger paste 1 tbsp

Onions 4

Ghee 1 cup

Salt as required

Butter 1 tbsp

Yellow food color few drops

Fresh milk 1 cup

For boiled rice

Mint 1 bunch

Green chili 3

Whole garam masala as required

Salt 1 tbsp

White vinegar 1 tbsp


1. In heavy bottom skillet add the yogurt, chicken, ginger garlic paste and salt
2. Pour in the water and cook until the chicken is tender
3. Blend the green chilies to form chutey
4. When the water in skillet dries, turn the flame off
5. In separate pan boil the rice along with mint leaves, green chilies, garam masala and salt.
6. Boil until the rice is half done, drain the water and keep aside
7. In same pan heat ghee and fry sliced onions till brown
8. Removed half of the onions with the slotted spoon and put on absorbent paper
9. Put 2 lemon juice, crushed black pepper corn and cook for more 5 mins
10. Grease the rice skillet and spread a layer of the rice followed by a Layer of the chicken mixture.
11. Top with another layer of rice.
12. Now put yellow color in milk and mix it well and pour it over rice and pour 2 lemon juices over it

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My husband love to eat tasty food. I found this page of Hari Chicken Biryani where I see such a mouth watering recipe. I am checking the method step by step to make it accurately. Will share my feedback about it.
By: Nabiha, Form: Lahore, on 17 Feb, 2017
hmm wow bht tasty dish hai yaaa meray huby ney khate hi tareef ki is dish ki thanks haniya for this recipe
By: najis, Form: karachi, on 31 May, 2013

Hari Chicken Biryani

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