Chicken Rice Flower Dumplings

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1) Chicken mince 300 grams

2) Basmati rice(soaked) 3/4 cup

3) Ginger 1 inch knob

4) Green chillies(chopped) 2-3

5) Salt to taste

6) Pepper corns 1 tsp


1. Pick, wash and soak rice in water for twenty minutes.
2. Drain and keep aside.
3. Wash green chillies, remove stem and chop them fine.
4. Peel and wash ginger.
5. Grind ginger into a fine paste.
6. Mix chicken mince with chopped green chillies, ginger paste, salt and crushed pepper corn.
7. Divide this mixture into twelve equal portions.
8. From round balls from each portion of chicken mix and then roll them in presoaked rice.
9. Place rice rolled chicken balls on a perforated rack which can be fitted into a steamer pot.
10. Boil water in the steamer pot and place the perforated rack in it.
11. Cover the pot. Steam for about fifteen to twenty minutes or untill cooked.
12. Remove gently and serve hot with a dip of your choice.

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Chicken Rice Flower Dumplings

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