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I was amaze to see that how easy simple and quick recipe of lasangana this recipe is famous in china.
By: huma, Form: naran, on 22 May, 2019
my daughter always enjoy this delicious chicken nuggets with chili sauce katchup. But I made nuggets with different style.
By: ozma, Form: hydrabad, on 22 May, 2019
shereen anwar appa always made easy recipe and I also try all recipes, Shinwari chicken karahi is one of them
By: sadia, Form: wazirabad, on 22 May, 2019
And this recipe guide me that how to make the chicken garlic wings fry by the help of these amazing steps for getting the best taste what you expect to have in the Iftar
By: zoua, Form: lahore, on 19 May, 2019
This is very easy for me to make the chicken korma what we exactly love to eat this korma because gives good and spicy taste to everyone who has the whole day fast
By: hayma, Form: lahore, on 19 May, 2019
Make the kfc zinger by the help of this amazing recipe which has the great taste and allow us to make the amazing recipe what we definitely love
By: ammara, Form: lahore, on 19 May, 2019
I have this recipe which has the best taste of the schezwan chicken and I love to make it in every Iftar of now which is really good to have in the list
By: hayma, Form: islamabad, on 19 May, 2019
I discover an utter new way of making chicken rice balls with sauce. Because before this recipe I was not used rice in chicken.
By: kiran, Form: sawat, on 14 May, 2019
chicken fajita pizza is a nice and spicy dish . I made chicken fajita pizza for my son’s birthday.
By: irsha, Form: danmark, on 14 May, 2019
I daily made spicy chicken cutlets because I bring these chicken cutlets to my college for lunch.
By: danish, Form: bahwalpur, on 14 May, 2019

Chicken, Poultry

Chicken Recipes in Urdu - Meaty meals in Pakistan are best based on Beef, Mutton and Chicken’s ingredients. However, chicken among all options, top the priority list by Pakistani natives. Why? Because it is affordable, easily available and has the best and lightest taste. From frozen food companies to restaurants and home meals, Chicken based food is the focused menu. Popular and Favorite Chicken recipes in Pakistan are fried chicken recipe, roast chicken recipe, curry chicken recipe, baked chicken recipes, grilled chicken recipes, slow cooker chicken recipes, ground chicken recipes.
Be it Pakistan’s most famous and highly consumed chicken Zinger burger, chicken broast, chicken tikka, chicken Karahi, chicken Chargha, chicken Biryani, Sandwiches or any kind of burger i.e. Subway, Double Decker or local zingers. Every single of them is chicken based. These food items are the most common in Pakistan and best consumed and surprisingly all of them contain chicken as the heart of the meal. With this, you can imagine where Poultry stands in our national cuisine. You also might be a chicken lover. In Asia, many types of meat are served but due to Halal and Haraam differences, only selected range of meats are eatable in Pakistan which includes Camel meat, Mutton, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Fish, Prawns and other seafood. However Chicken is the cheapest in price and tastiest in taste comparative to any other meat in the meat market of Pakistan.

Even chicken Soup which is crazily consumed in Pakistan during fall and winters has Chicken as one of its key ingredients. 40-45% which covers almost half of Pakistan has total meat consumption which is procured from poultry products, that is how much chicken we are eating.
So if you are Chicken meat fan, has dedicated this entire page to you. Here you can find all the best recipes you can find to cook chicken recipes and adorn your dinner, breakfast or lunch table with some of the spiciest, yummiest and rich in taste chicken recipes healthy. Complete chicken recipes Indian, chicken recipes Pakistani are published and you can follow step by step to come up with a creatively cooked and deliciously fulfilling Chicken Meal of the day with the

Apart from the usual chicken recipes some of the yummiest, creative and super delicious chicken recipes are available on this page. The page covers unique to regular chicken recipes video which you can follow to prepare for lunch and dinners. Find delicious Chicken recipes and treat your day!
Compliment your dining table this Ramadan with delicious Indian and Pakistani Chicken recipes and cherish taste with your loved ones.
So go and find Chicken recipes and quick cook at your home just by following the simple recipes of Chicken and poultry given below. It is all easy when you have on the screen so pick your recipe and let your cooking and make the noise.