Billhasim Recipe

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Searching for yumilicious recipes to please your taste buds? Find the mouth watering Billhasim Recipe with ingredients and method online for your assistance. Note down the recipe in your regular diary and prepare it at home with ease.


Eggs 4

Water 1 cup

Butter 100 gm

All purpose flour 200 gm

Coconut for decoration (ground)

For Sugar Syrup:

Sugar ½ kg

Water 250 ml

Lemon juice 2 tsp

Rose water 2 tbsp


1.For Sugar Syrup:
2.Add the sugar and water in a pan and cook.
3.When the sugar is dissolved then add the lemon juice and rose water and mix.
4.Remove pan from the stove and let it cool.

For Billhasim:

1.Add butter and water in a pan and cook on low flame.
2.When the butter melts, mix in the all purpose flour.
3.Remove from stove and mix well.
4.Add 2 eggs and beat with beater on normal speed.
5.Then add 2 eggs more and beat well.
6.Now fill this mixture in star nozzle piping bag.
7.Now heat oil in skillet, press piping bag in the oil and fry the mixture.
8.When it become golden brown, dip these pieces in sugar syrup for 2 minutes.
9.Finally decorate this sweet dish with ground coconut and serve.

Note: Cooking Time: 30-35 minuts, Serving: 5-6 persons

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