Muslim Boy Names Starting with Y

Welcome your new baby with a special collection of Islamic names that are ideal for him. These are unique names and give your child a sense of individuality. These names, which reflect their cultural heritage, are ideal for your little one because they capture them the most accurately. The meanings of modern Muslim baby Boy names beginning with the letter Y are presented in a concise and user-friendly format. You can make use Hamariweb if you're looking for the best Muslim Boy name with the letter Y for your child.

Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

Yasin Sura In Ou'Ran. Name Of Prophet Muhammad. یاسین
Yasir Wealthy یاسر
Yusuf To increase in power یوسف
Yahya Alive, Living, Existing, Actual یحییٰ
Yousuf Very beautiful یوسف
Yazan It'S The Name Of A Valley And The Name Of A Tribe From Himyar یزان
Yunus The Biblical Jonas Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name یُونس
Yazdan Merciful, Kind یزدان
Yamin Towards Right یامن
yusha Name of a holy man or prophet of Islam يوشع
Yazid In Hindu meaning is : increase, abundance (origin Arabic) یازد
Yaman Proper Name یمن
Yazeed To Increase, Grow, Enhance یازید
Yasar Ease, Wealth یاسَر
Yusef In hebrew meaning is : God shall multiply یوسف
Yameen Oath, Right Hand, Right Wing (Of The Army) یمین
Youness In Farsi meaning is : Jonas یونس
Yanni In hebrew meaning is : Form of Yannis. Gift of God;The Lord is gracious. یانی
Yawar Adjutant. Aid-De Camp. یاور
Yaqoob One prophet, name یعقوب
Yaqub In Sindhi meaning is : A Prophet's Name. یعقوب
Yasrab DEMURRAGE یژرب
Yashar Persian-Azarbayjani Origin Meaning Lives For Ever یشر
Yacoub Arabic Form Of Jacob یعقوب
Yunis Farsi for Johah یونِس
Yafir To Image یافر
Yazdaan Variant Of Yazdan: Merciful, Kind یزدان
Yaqeen Belief. یقین
Yahyaa Variant Of Yahya: The Biblical John Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name یحیٰ
Yaasir Wealthy. Towards Left. Easy یاسر
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Islamic Boy Name Starts With Letter Y

Every scholar and expert agree that a person's name directly affects his character. Choosing a name for a daughter is typically not difficult for parents because they have access to many names of female Islamic figures and companions. Some parents, though, opt for a name that's pertinent to their neighborhood or the area in which they reside. However, some parents even prefer to give their child a name that is uncommon or special. To assist all the parents looking for names, we have created an incredible list of Muslim girl names starting with letter Y.

Unique Muslim Girl Names Starting with Y

Islamic names offer a variety of options from which you can choose a great name for your baby. It is important to know that whatever name you choose will be used by the after her life. We have compiled a list of Muslim names, which includes the names of more than a hundred Muslim Girls with meanings. Find beautiful and unique names of Girl with alphabet Y. Now you don't have to search many websites for Muslim Girl names. However, if you want to choose a name starting with other letters that Y, you can visit their respective pages. All the names mentioned here are super amazing and meaningful. Parents can now select the best Islamic Girl name starting with Y alphabet without any confusion as all the Muslim Girl names starting from Y are listed here with complete information.

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My name is yasir I am proud to be a Muslim, another similar meaning of yasir name is Rich man

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YAzan is similar to name YAzdan or Azan but all these names are good names so far

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My cousin's name is Yusha, i always wanted to know it's meaning and i found it here on this site. Its a comprehensive portal for names

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My Elder brother name is Yahya .. I got all the information about this name

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