Most Popular Names in India

Most Popular Names in India – The official name of India is “Republic of India”. It is situated in South Asia and regarded as a second most populous country in the world.

The naming concept in India is considered as a significant practice; even after the birth of a child Indian’s arrange a “Naming Ceremony” and officially assigned a name to their children.
In Indian culture the children naming is usually based on celebrities, singers, famous places, religious personalities, trends and on profound meanings.

Let’s have a deeper look at the prominent Indian girls and boys names.

In India, given names are typically chosen with a particular meaning in mind, and many people are keenly aware of this. People frequently have their names chosen based on their horoscopes, which are typically offered by an astrologer, especially Hindus. The family will select a name based on the sound that the astrologer says the name should begin with. India's population is named differently depending on where they live. There are customs unique to each location, caste, group, and family. In most of India, a person's first name is used, followed by their surname, however in certain of the southern and western states, the father's name comes first, then the person's surname. Here you can check out the most popular names in India. All the names are highly popular in India and widely adored by Hindu parents.

Popular Girls Name in India
• Sneha
• Priyanka
• Aditi
• Anjali
• Shreya
• Akshita
• Anika
• Ria
• Kavitha
• Aishwarya

Popular Boys Name in India
• Aarav
• Vivaan
• Aditya
• Arjun
• Ayaan
• Raj
• Rahul
• Abhishek
• Yash
• Rohit

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