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Name is the lifetime identity of a person. Bengali names have some amazing collection of baby names that directly signifies a good effect on personality. Parents can choose the best Bengali names from here. All these names are top trending Bengali boy & Girl names.

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Bangladeshi Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
AadalAlagi Artistic Girl
Aagni Order Girl
Aatmasharan One Who Cantrol His Conscience Girl
Aasin Calling Himself Girl
Aatbodh Son Lord Brahma,Vishnu Girl
Aarshati Holy Girl
AatralArasi Achiever; Skilled Girl
Abhilaash Lord Vishnu Girl
Adaya Light Girl
Adhirath Lncreasing Girl
Adaleru One Who Never Been Crushed Girl
Adhishri Main Girl
Adiban Etcetra Girl
Adhva Leader Girl
Agamadhi Gem Girl
Aganagai A Semiprecious Stone Girl
Aru Eyes Girl
Aekadamt Chaste, Modest Girl
Agnijita Branch Of Fire Girl
Abhoy Fearless Boy
Bitan Pandal; Spread Boy
Aiken One Who Never Born Girl
Dalim Onetypeoffruit Boy
Aijaz Favour Boy
Aleina Light Girl
Kabita Poem Girl
Chayan Collecting Boy
Dilan Son Of The Sea Girl
Chudar Brilliant Boy
Bevan Son Of Evan. Warriors Son. Beverly From The Beaver Meadow. Bevis Archer. Boy
Golapi Particular Colour Girl
Ackersley Meadow Of Oak Trees Boy
Annam Able To Discriminate Between Good And Bad, Swan Bird; Also Annakili Girl
Ghulam Nabi Variant Of Gulam Boy
Alagini Beautiful And Sweet; See Alagi Girl
Dheeraj Patience; Consolation Boy
Churni The Name Of A River Girl
Gour Fair Boy
Amaidhini Peaceful And Sweet Girl
Jaisnavi Goddess Of Victory Girl
IraiAnbu Divine Love Boy
Althea Sincere Girl
BalaSubramanian God Murugan Boy
Fultushi Common Name Girl
Airawati Derived From Ariana Girl
Beaufort From The Fine Fortress. Boy
Banke Bihari Name Of Krishna Boy
Adler Eagle Boy
Bhubaneswar God; Lord Of The World Boy
Dev Kumar Son Of God Boy
Baldwin Bold Friend. Boy
Kapil Dev Master Of Kapil Boy
Devadas Follower Of God Boy
Kaberi Full Of Water Girl
Amitabha Unlimited; One With Boundless Splendour; Boundless Lustre Boy
Iraimani Divine Gem Girl
Ajamukhi Daughter Of Sage Kashyap & Surase. Girl
Karunamoyee Kindhearted Girl
GnanaVelan God Murugan Boy
Angee Having Good Limbs Girl
GnanaOli Wisdom Boy
GnanaChelvan Learned Boy
EegaiArasu King Of Charity Boy
Haimainti Hemanta Season Girl
Depen Master Of Deepaks Boy
AlaguVel God Murugan Boy
Asok Without Sadness Boy
GnanaThangam Learned Boy
AramVirumbi Righteous Boy
Firoja Stone Girl
Innisai Sweet Melody Girl
Kaviarasi Queen Of Poetry Girl
Dwijendra King Of Brahmins; The Moon Boy
Kandarie Protector Boy
Balfour From The Pastures. Boy
Byford By The Ford Boy
Kal-Hans Swan Boy
Amudhini Sweet Girl
Badij Myrobalan Tree. Boy
Birendra; Virendra King Of Warriors Boy
Brij Mohan Place Of Lord Krishna; Lord Krishna Boy
Kajari Bird Girl
Ganga Ram The Great Holy River Boy
BalaVenkatan God Vengatan Boy
Arivudai Intelligent Girl
Aftab,Aftaab The Sun Boy
Arulmani Blessed Gem Girl
Devi; Daevi Goddess; The Diety Girl
Akshayamathi Super Intelligence.Divyagyana. Akshayamukthi-Eternal Salvation. Girl
Kamarasan Unaffected By Desires Boy
Badinj Coconut. Boy
Badaat Wonderful. Surprising. Outstripping In Courage And Learning. Beginning. Start. First Step. First Instance Boy
Gadhar Lord Narayan Boy
Ghulam Ahmad Variant Of Gulam Boy
Cheralathan A Chera King Boy
Aramoli Righteous Word; See Aram Girl
DheivaChelvi Blessed Girl Boy
Inimoli Sweet Voice Girl
Alagumuthu Handsome Gem Boy
Arulmurugan God Murugan Boy
Chamelia Particular Flower Girl
Charanjeet One Who Has Won Over The Lord Boy
Chhaya; Chaaya Shadow Girl
Divamani Ornament Of Day Boy
Bainbridge Bridge Over Bright Water. Baird Ballad Singer. Boy
Ambuvili Piercing Eyes; Eyes Resembling An Arrow Tip Girl
Balakrishna, Babykrishna Boy
Arivarasan King Of Intelligence Boy
Chinnamal Little Girl Girl
KarMuhilan Rain-Bearing Cloud; Resourceful Boy
Banshari Flute Girl
Badgar Whirlwind. Boy
Anita; Aneeta Grace Girl
KalaMegam Name Of A Poet Boy
ArutSelvam h Divine Wealt Boy
Bhaskor Sun Boy
Araneri Righteous Boy
Elilendhi Handsome; See Elil Boy
Bhagavanth The God. Boy
Kamala Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Atpudham Miracle Girl
ArumugaSami God Murugan Boy
Devantakanashakarin Destroyer Of Evils And Asuras Boy
Gorakh-naath Saint Of Gorakh Community Boy
Gopalgobinda Lord Krishna; Variant Of Gopal Boy
ArumaiNathan Precious Boy
Aravaanan Righteous; Decent Boy
Badgeradtum Maker Of Air And Earth. One Of The 101 Names Of Ahura Mazda. Boy
Katayani Durga Girl
Bala Gopal Young Krishna. Bhadyoga A Sage. Boy
Anbini Kind And Sweet Girl
Cholaiyammal Garden Girl,A Seea Solaiyammal Girl
Elilchelvan Handsome; See Elil; Also Elilselvan Boy
Himaghana Sun Boy
Chemmoli Flawless Girl
Bhodisatva Buddha. Boy
Deenadayaal; Dindayal Friend Of Poor; Humble And Merciful Boy
ChudarMadhi Brilliant Moon,Seea Sudarmadhi Girl
Girijabala Devi Uma Girl
ArivuCheliyan Intelligent And Prosperous Boy
Kamalanta Lord Narayana Boy
Chandraprakaash Moon Light Boy
Bhuvaneswar God; Lord Of The World Boy
Joystna Moonlit Girl
Aruldasan Also Aruldhasan Boy
ArulVadivel God Murugan Boy
ElisaiChelvan Master Of Music; Maestro; Also Elisaiselvan Boy
Bhav-Bhooti The Universe Boy
Devilal Son Of Goddess Boy
Bhoorishav King. Boy
Arunachaleshwara Lord Of The Hills Of Sun Boy
Dhirendro Lord Of Courage Boy
Bhargva Lord Shiva. Boy
Babiyah Miraculous Things. Boy
ElisaiNambi Elisai = Music + Nambi = Confident Boy
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Most Common Bangladeshi Names & Meanings

Naming a baby is always being the most exciting and difficult part of parenthood. Bengali baby names cover a wide range of culture, history, art, and nature. These names are extremely beautiful as well as meaningful. Bengali parents name their child with so much love and care as it is accepted by everyone that names have some effect on the personality of a baby. Parents always go for Bengali names that are highly adorable in pronunciation and beautiful in meaning.

Hamariweb has brought this amazing page that is comprised of amazing names. These entire Bangladeshi names are rooted in their culture and signify the positive effect on the character of the child. Parents living in Bangladesh or anywhere else can use these names for their children as these are extremely attractive and soulful. People can find a huge variety of Bengali baby names here. This collection is providing an admirable range of baby names along with complete details.