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Nokia Mobile Phones

Showing 423 products of Nokia in Pakistan, by Last Updated on Wednesday, November 22 2017. Nokia Mobiles Prices in Pakistan – Finnish technology brand, Nokia Mobiles has dominated the global mobile phone market since decades. Nokia Mobiles is undoubtedly the oldest and largest mobile phone vendors in th .. Read more
Nokia 1209 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 1600 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 1650 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2100 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2110 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2300 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2310 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2600 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2600 classic  Price in Pakistan
2600 classic
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Nokia 2610 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2626 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2630 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2650 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2652 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2660 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 2760 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3100 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3108 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3109 classic  Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3110 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3110 classic  Price in Pakistan
3110 classic
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Nokia 3110 Evolve  Price in Pakistan
3110 Evolve
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Nokia 3120 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3120 classic  Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3128 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3200 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3210 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3220 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3230 Price in Pakistan
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Nokia 3250 Price in Pakistan
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Latest Reviews on Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia 105 (2017)

A.o.A sale 4 nokia 105 dual sim warrnty start 1jan 2018 all acc
03234512735 R.S 2000 fainal

Rameez , Lahore Wed 22 Nov, 2017
Nokia 1280

I want a nokia 105 mobile because its shape soo good and very simple phone

Qasim , Islamabad Tue 21 Nov, 2017
Nokia X2-02


Kashif jawad , Gilgit Tue 21 Nov, 2017

Nokia Mobiles Prices in Pakistan – Finnish technology brand, Nokia Mobiles has dominated the global mobile phone market since decades. Nokia Mobiles is undoubtedly the oldest and largest mobile phone vendors in the world. They have a glorious history of over 100 years of flawless technology products business throughout the world. Nokia Mobiles has been the helping hands in developing the GSM and LTE network systems. Nokia Mobiles has recently sold out its mobile phone business and diverted the focus on telecommunications infrastructure business, acquired French company Alcatel-Lucent and digital health maker Withings in the year 2017. After 2017, Nokia will make a comeback to mobile market via HMD global.

Right from old style bar phones to new era’s flagship devices, Nokia Mobiles has come a long way to achieve the status of the finest mobile brand in the world. Nokia Mobiles are classified as human friendly with simpler user interface. The traditional Nokia mobile phones are popular due to their simple usage, unique design, specs and features. Nokia smart phones series of Lumia operated on Windows OS gained momentum and success with time. It has been learnt that recently Nokia Mobiles, the leader in performance oriented devices has discontinued its’ mobile manufacturing unit under a contract with Microsoft. Almost all Nokia smart phones are Windows operated but recently Nokia Mobiles entered the Android World by launching Nokia X, and Nokia XL devices. Nokia has once again proved its reliability for the users.

People can locate Nokia mobiles price in Pakistan based on their specs and features. In Pakistani market, Nokia Mobiles is available in every leading shopping mall or mobile market in reliable warranties and accessories. Advance telecom, TeleTech, Mobile Zone, and Green Tech are the leading warranty providers that sell Nokia mobile phones in Pakistan under their warranty labels. Nokia offers Touch and Type mobiles with features like dual SIM mobiles etc. Some of the latest Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan includes Nokia 216, Nokia 230, Nokia 230 Dual SIM, Nokia 222 Dual SIM, Lumia 532 to name a few. Some of the upcoming devices are D1C, C1, and Lumia 640 LTE, Lumia 928 have created hype in the market.

Nokia Mobiles and smartphones have its own target market and company focuses on catering the requirements of its customers. The brand modifies its devices and come up with updated versions on regular basis. This page presents all the old, latest and upcoming Nokia Mobiles with specifications and prices. Here you can have latest information about latest upcoming Nokia Mobiles in 2017 and prices in Pakistan, specifications, details about new changes and updates.

Nokia Mobiles – Living up to its motto ‘Connecting People’, Nokia, a Finnish technology brand started its mobile manufacturing business back in 1865. Since then the brand has been involved in manufacturing some of the finest feature phones, bar phones, making its presence in more than 120 countries having thousands of service centres and outlets. Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan market gained immense appreciation and popularity due to simple specifications integrated devices that include the candy bar models. No other mobile phone brand has that much service centres, dealers, and sellers in Pakistan other than Nokia Mobiles. The reason of fame and popularity of Nokia Mobiles is their simpler user interface, durability, high quality, performance, economical pricing and customer support. From high end flagships to low end, Nokia Mobile phones category has tapped every segment.

Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan made its mark back in 1999 and with time the brand gained the status of most favorite mobile phone brand of Pakistanis. Every shopping mall or mobile market in Pakistan offers Nokia Mobile phones with accessories in warranty. Advance mobile, Mobile Zone Pakistan and Green Tech are the major warranty claimers in Pakistan. Nokia Mobiles also has several websites and online shopping stores operating in Pakistan along with different online sellers with respective price. The app store called Nokia OVI is fully accessible in Pakistan for buying apps in local currency.

Nokia began its journey by introducing candy bar phones in the market than gradually improved its technology with introducing its first smart phone in 1996, later on the Symbian OS is introduced in Nokia smart phones. Nokia Mobiles entered Pakistani market with feature phones, candy bar phones, and gained a huge clientele base. Later they broaden their spectrum by bringing in the Window phones, and smart phones competing with other international rival brands. Pakistani buyers accepted the brand whole heartedly. No brand has as many service centres in Pakistan other than Nokia Mobiles with maximum number of authorized dealers and sellers. Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan is recognized on the basis of their human friendliness, durability, flexibility, and performance.

This page is dedicated to the wide category of Nokia Mobiles in Pakistan. You can find all Nokia mobiles with nearest market price listed on this page. The upcoming Nokia Mobile phones in Pakistan include Nokia D1C; Lumia 640 LTE etc are listed on this page with accurate specification details. Find these amazing Nokia Mobile Phones along with their product details and authentic prices online on this page.

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