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Health Videos

You can view here health and wellness videos that educate and motivate you for healthy life. Watch, learn, and get talking about your health, so you can feel better. Please read our disclaimer to use/watch this category of Hamariweb.com

Most Viewed videos
Back Pain
What is Back Pain?
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Symptoms of Depression
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Smoking: QuitNow
Anatomy of a Drag
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Health Topics A-Z
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How to spot the signs.
What is ADHD?
Potential causes and risk factors for Attention Decifit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Signs of ADHD
Common behaviors to watch for in children that may indicate ADHD.
Treating ADHD
Information on therapy and medication treatments for ADHD.
Health videos on seasonal allergies, including allergy treatment options.
What are Allergies?
Sneezing? Watery eyes? Learn what allergies are and why they make you miserable.
Preventing & Treating Allergies
You can't cure your allergies, but there are things you can do to reduce your allergy symptoms.
Alzheimer's Disease
Learn what Alzheimer's is and how to care for sufferers.
What is Alzheimer's Disease?
How does Alzheimer's affect the brain and memory? Dr. Holly explains.
Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer’s
Learn the symptoms and risk factors of Alzheimer’s.
Slowing the Onset of Alzheimer’s
Medical research shows you may be able to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s.
Treating and Caring for Alzheimer’s
Watch to learn about treatments, and some helpful hints for caregivers.
How to manage the aches and pains.
What is Arthritis?
Go inside the body to see how arthritis creates pain in your joints.
Types of Arthritis
There are more than 100 types of arthritic conditions. Learn about the most common types here.
Coping With Arthritis
Treatment of arthritis depends upon the type you have, but there are simple things you can do in your everyday life to relieve your pain.
Treatment Options For Arthritis
Dr. Holly reviews common medications, therapies, and other options for the treatment of arthritis pain.
How to prevent and treat an asthma attack.
What is Asthma?
Go inside the lungs to see what happens during an asthma attack.
Asthma Attacks
Learn the common triggers of asthma attacks and classic signs that an attack may be happening.
True Life Story: Asthma
Ami felt shut out of life until she took steps to control her asthma. Find out how she did it.
Managing Asthma
Having asthma doesn't mean the end to an active lifestyle. Learn about treatment options for managing asthma here.
Learn about this mysterious disorder.
What is Autism?
One in 166 children is affected by autism. Special guest, Lou Diamond Phillips, introduces us to this mysterious disorder.
Signs of Autism
The common signs and symptoms of autism and related disorders, including PDD and Asperger's Syndrome.
Autism Therapy Options
Dr. Holly takes us through the different approaches to autism therapy so you can discuss them with your doctor.
ABA Therapy for Autism
Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, and founder of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) discusses one approach to autism therapy.
Back Pain
What you can do to relieve your pain.
What is Back Pain?
Go inside the body to learn about all the parts of the back and how it helps us in everyday activities.
Types of Back Pain
Learn about different types of back pain, from slipped disks to sciatica.
Preventing Back Pain
Learn about exercises and good posture tips that can help you to prevent or diminish back pain.
Treating Back Pain
Learn about which treatment options are best for your type of back pain.
Birth Control
Safe and effective options.
Birth Control: Overview
Learn about the female reproductive system and how to prevent or enhance your chances of pregnancy.
Birth Control: Barrier Methods
Learn about condoms, diaphragms and other barrier methods of birth control.
Birth Control: Hormonal Methods
"The Pill" is just one type of hormonal birth control. Learn about the others here.
Birth Control: IUD
Today's IUD's are among the most effective and safe forms of birth control.
Birth Control: Natural Family Planning
Methods for tracking your ovulation to prevent pregnancy.
Birth Control: Emergency Methods
Learn about emergency forms of birth control.
Bladder Problems
Find out the different types, and ways to overcome this common problem.
How The Bladder Works
Learn how the bladder works and the different types of bladder problems.
Preventing & Treating Bladder Problems
Bladder problems are very common, but they are not a natural part of aging. Learn about the exercises, techniques and medications that can help control bladder problems.
Breast Cancer
Screening and treatments every woman - and man - should know.
What is Breast Cancer?
Learn how cancer forms inside the breast and the possible signs and symptoms of breast cancer.
True Life Story: Breast Cancer
Jacqueline's older brothers call her "The Baby," but she didn't back down in her fight against breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Screening
Healthy choices and active screening, like breast self exams and mammograms, are your best defenses in beating breast cancer.
The Health Videos and content information are provided on this site for informational purposes only and is not intend to any Medical Advice, Counseling, Diagnosis or Treatment. Please contact to your health advisor for any your health concern.

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