Pervez Elahi arrested again after being acquitted by the court

SuchTV  |  Jun 02, 2023

Pervez Elahi arrested again after being acquitted by the court
The anti-corruption court today acquitted former cheif minister Pervez Elahi in the case of corruption in development projects.

Today, anti-corruption police took former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi to District Kachheri under tight security, where former Chief Minister Pervez Elahi also met his son Rasakh Elahi in the court room.

During the hearing, Pervez Elahi's lawyer, Advocate Rana Intar, told the court that there are documents related to all the projects, on which the court made it clear that after hearing the arguments, the decision should not be taken according to the law.

Rana Intizar took the stand that 36 crores was paid on 17 January 2023, at that time Mohsin Naqvi was the Chief Minister, the anti-corruption officer is conducting a technical inquiry, the anti-corruption officers are bringing a new law, the judge will also accept them, technically. The report can only be prepared by S&W.

After hearing the arguments, the distinguished judge remarked that anti-corruption has its own will to do what it wants.

During the hearing, the prosecution requested the remand of  Pervez Elahi, on which the court reserved its decision.

The court later acquitted Pervez Elahi from the case.

The court said that if there is no other case against Pervez Elahi, he should be released immediately.

It should be noted that Pervez Elahi was arrested yesterday by anti-corruption from Lahore.

A case was registered against Parvaiz Elahi on charges of taking commission in government contracts in anti-corruption, a case was also registered against him in the police station of Lahore for interfering with the government and violence against the police.

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