Naveen-ul-Haq opens up about playing under Babar's captaincy

SuchTV  |  Mar 04, 2024

Naveen-ul-Haq opens up about playing under Babar's captaincy
Naveen spoke candidly about his experience under Babar's captaincy in a podcast on the team's YouTube channel. He praised Babar as a "very calm" leader who handles situations with composure.

“From what I have seen, [he is] very chilled, very relaxed. At this stage, you cannot say things to your bowlers or fielders at every instance, you have to step up whenever it is required. All this can be seen [in Babar’s captaincy], we are all enjoying much under his captaincy,” Naveen said.

Naveen emphasized the ease of communication with Babar and highlighted their mutual calmness as a positive attribute for the team's dynamics.

“Communication with Babar is very easy, we are both very calm personalities, and there have been no problems between us so far. I believe that when you are calm on the field, it benefits your team," he further added.

Naveen described Babar as relaxed and composed on the field, highlighting the importance of maintaining a cool demeanor, especially during tough moments.

“There comes a time when you are having difficulty on the field or you lose, that time you need a leader who remains calm and keeps the team intact.

“If your captain starts to get aggressive and hyper, then it becomes difficult for the entire team. In our first [PSL] match in Multan, I observed that Babar bhai was very calm, everything has been good,” he added.

Reflecting on his past altercation with former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Naveen stated that the incident was left on the field and they had moved past it.

“Whatever happened was during the match, and it ended right there. We met in CPL [Caribbean Premier League] later on, and we talked, everything was fine between us,” he concluded.

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