Cyclone Biparjoy moving towards Karachi: Red Alert issued for fishermen

Hamariweb  |  Jun 09, 2023

Cyclone Biparjoy moving towards Karachi: Red Alert issued for fishermen

In the Arabian Sea, a powerful cyclonic storm named “Biparjoy” is currently active and shows no signs of weakening. This severe weather system is generating strong winds and poses a risk of heavy rainfall along the coastal regions of Sindh and Makran starting from the evening of June 13.

The Meteorological Department reports that the cyclonic storm has been steadily moving in a north and northeast direction over the past 12 hours. It is currently positioned approximately 1,120 kilometers away from Karachi’s southern coast.

With wind speeds ranging between 130 and 150 kilometers per hour near the storm’s center, the meteorological conditions are being intensified.

The projected path of the cyclone remains uncertain as indicated by various international models. Some models suggest that the cyclone might head towards Oman and the western coastal areas of Pakistan, while others predict its trajectory to directed towards the coastal belt of Gujarat in India and Sindh in Pakistan.

Over the next two days, the cyclone expected to maintain its northward and northeastward movement, keeping the sea conditions in the Arabian Sea turbulent and hazardous.

In light of this impending threat, the Fisheries Department has issued an advisory urging fishermen to refrain from venturing into the open sea from June 12 until the cyclonic storm subsides. The Cyclone Warning Center of the Meteorological Department is closely monitoring the situation to ensure timely updates and warnings.

Meteorologist Jason Nicholas says cyclone “Biparjoy” is moving north and will stay strong next week. Coastal areas in southern Gujarat, India, and Pakistan should be cautious due to potential risks from the cyclone.

Nicholas also cautions that the impact of the cyclonic storm on Oman cannot completely ruled out, emphasizing the need for continued monitoring and preparedness.

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