Saraiki Culture day being celebrated in South Punjab today

Bol News  |  Mar 06, 2021

Saraiki people in Southern Punjab and other parts of Pakistan are celebrating Saraiki culture day, popularly called Saraiki Ajruk Day today (Saturday).

Saraiki culture, tradition, language, and heritage are promoted on this day. The practice has been made common since 2014.

Saraiki leader Zahoor Dharija earlier talked to APP. He said that it was decided on Mother Tongue Day seven years ago that a day would be marked on March 6 to promote the culture.

He told APP that it was named at the beginning which was renamed Saraiki Ajruk Day later on.

Several events are hosted on this day. Multan Arts Council has organized a special event on Saturday at 3 pm (today).

Tweeple are extending wishes for people like, as the day trends on the microblogging website.

#SaraikiCultureDayMultan the city of saint’s as well as the city of Saraiki’s

— Shoaib Akhter (@EngineerShoaib_) March 5, 2021


ھئی بچپنشغل ھزاراں ھنگیا بچپنشغل وی منہ کر گئےi just love the way when someone express their feelings in their own language because that impact is just priceless!!💙💙💙💙#SaraikiCultureDay

— محمد عرفان شبیر (@ksqKekIUe7R6DEw) March 5, 2021

Jhumar or Jhoomar is the traditional Saraiki folk dance. It is a lively form of music and dance that originated in the Multan and Balochistan. It is slow and rhythmic. The word “Jhumar” comes from jhum/jhoom, which means swaying.#SaraikiCultureDay

— Malik Safder Arain (@arain_safder) March 5, 2021

ساڈی پہچان نیلی اجرک#SaraikiCultureDay

— Fatima Ather (@fatikhan03) March 6, 2021

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