New features for WhatsApp users on iOS and Android

SuchTV  |  Feb 24, 2024

New features for WhatsApp users on iOS and Android is the WhatsApp beta version for iOS

Users can now mark favourite contacts on WhatsApp. Using the calls page, users can call their favorite contacts straight away with just a single click.

This feature is still being developed, but it appears that is also considering adding more features, especially for favourite contacts.

According to TestFlight, the most recent beta for iOS contained this information.

WhatsApp is also working on a chat filter function to help users keep track of their interactions with their favourite friends. The new chat filter will allow users to prioritize and easily access chats with their favourite contacts, so they never miss any important messages.

WhatsApp Web will soon receive an update with this feature, so the feature won’t be limited to iOS only.

It is anticipated that users managing many conversations would greatly benefit from the ability to designate favourite contacts for a dedicated chat filter.

WhatsApp will make it easier for users to prioritise crucial discussions by allowing them to flag particular contacts as favourites, providing rapid access to familiar contacts.

By customizing their messaging experience to their preferences, users will be able to effectively manage their chats and maintain constant communication with their most important contacts.

Version of WhatsApp beta for Android

The Lottie framework was revealed to be under consideration by WhatsApp last year for animated emojis.

Through Lottie, a package that enables designers to create animations even when proportions are altered, WhatsApp aimed to improve user expression and communication.

According to the Google Play Store’s most recent beta update, WhatsApp appears to be working on adding Lottie sticker support as well, despite support for animated emoticons still being worked on.

With the addition of Lottie, WhatsApp is now focused on improving its sticker experience while maintaining its support for WebP, one of the most popular picture formats.

The animations in Lottie are more intricate and dynamic than those in WebP. With Lottie, stickers have complex movements, effects, and transitions, which make them more expressive and engaging.

In addition, Lottie animations can be resized without compromising quality to fit a variety of chat interfaces and screen sizes.

WABetaInfo reports that the addition of Lottie stickers will allow users to communicate their feelings and messages visually, adding a whole new level of expressiveness and creativity to their chats.

With Lottie’s future versions, users will be able to benefit from a higher quality sticker experience, thanks to its vector-based animations.

With Lottie’s integration with sticker functionality, we will be able to create animated stickers with realistic movement, vivid colors, and fine details, which will improve engagement.

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