India betrayed [DailyTimes] 04 Jun, 2020

The relations to the nations are based on their psychological study. If the leaders of a nation or a country cannot keep their word, then the nations belonging to neighbors, bordering or economically, they look with suspicion and have the right to defend themselves and their national interests. This is the real issue in the recent disputes between China and India. India is engaged in military constructions on its borders and in the presence of these constructions it is not possible to be ignoring them. Pakistan has a long experience with India so we know very well that India’s peace friendship really is a desire for expansionism, or at least a scheme to annoy the neighbors. But not only Pakistan but also China now has a long experience of this and as soon as it realized that India was building military type in and around Ladakh which could become a permanent threat. China increased its military presence so that India would be well aware that if mischief was committed it would not be ignored. Not only other countries in the region are worried about this situation, but there is a global situation that is causing everyone to watch the tensions between China and India very closely and to worry about any outcome that could lead to a confrontation. Why is China so vigilant about India? To find the answer, we have to look through the windows of history.

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