How to stop people from downloading your Instagram Reels

SuchTV  |  Nov 24, 2023

How to stop people from downloading your Instagram Reels
You can always save them so you can visit them later to take advantage of the information you want to remember. They'll remain available in the Saved section of your account as long as the creator doesn't delete them.

From now on, you'll be able to download all the public Instagram Reels you want, which might be even better than saving them. That way, you can actually keep the tips and tricks you want to remember on your phone or computer.

But that's not necessarily a great idea for creators. They might not want their followers to download videos and Reels.

The good news is that Instagram users are in charge of whether they can be downloaded.

Enabling and disabling the feature can be controlled with a simple toggle switch.

Adam Mosseri, chief of Instagram, confirmed that the Instagram Reels download feature is going to be available worldwide.

How to prevent Instagram Reels downloads

The good news is that Instagram offers a few different ways to prevent followers from downloading your Reels.

First, any Reels from private accounts can be downloaded. Also, public Reels from accounts belonging to creators under 18 can't be downloaded.

Again, Reels from the past can't be downloaded, so you'll only have to pay attention to the clips you're about to make.

Instagram offers a quick walkthrough on how to prevent Reels downloads on each post.

Here's what you need to do:

Start by recording and editing your Reel, then tap Next in the bottom right.

Tap More options at the bottom. Scroll down and tap Advanced Settings.

Scroll down to allow people to download your reels and tap [the toggle] to turn the setting on or off.

Select whether you want to turn on or off downloading for all Reels or only for the Reel you're uploading.

Tap [the back arrow] in the top left to go back, then tap Share at the bottom.

You'll be able to revise the settings if you want to make changes to how people download your Reels.

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