Do You Always Wake Up In Bad Mood? Know Secret Of ‘Morning Depression’

Bol News  |  Jun 14, 2021

Do You Always Wake Up In Bad Mood? Know Secret Of ‘Morning Depression’

Many people experience some changes in mood after waking up, such as sadness, frustration, anger, extreme laziness, etc. This condition is called ‘morning depression’.

But is it just a matter of lethargy and irritability, or is there a condition and is there a cause or treatment?

According to the report, people who experience mood swings in the morning usually get better during the day and their condition does not remain the same as in the morning.

Such people experience mood swings for no reason, it becomes part of their mood for no apparent reason.

Causes of morning depression

Doctors did not specify any specific cause of depression in the morning, but there are various causes of depression and hormonal factors that can affect the timing of symptoms.

Some of the reasons for morning depression:

Hormonal changes occur throughout the day but can be a cause of depression in the morning.

According to the British BJP Journal of Pharmacology, when it is dark, the body produces melatonin, a hormone that makes a person sleep a lot and cortisol plays a role in responding to stress and depression in the morning.

According to the journal, imbalances in a person’s body, amount of sleep and exposure to light can cause a change in mood.

Other causes of morning depression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), morning depression can be caused by a number of other factors, including hereditary disease, medical problems, alcohol or drugs containing alcohol, use of drugs, Life events such as divorce or any other major grief and difficult life situations are included.

Symptoms of morning depression

According to the Healthline website, people with depression often experience these symptoms in the morning.

Difficulty getting up in the morning and getting out of bed, severe lack of energy at the beginning of the day, difficulty doing simple tasks such as taking a bath or coffee, late physical or practical work, lack of attention or lack of attention, severe fatigue or frustration Lack of interest in activities that were once pleasant for them, feelings of emptiness, loss of appetite, increased sleep (longer sleep than usual)

Treatment of morning depression

Experts give some tips to get rid of depression in the morning. According to experts, in addition to exercise, it is also recommended to make a habit of going to bed early at night and do not wake up late, rest completely, consult a psychiatrist.

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