ILMA University Organized a Fashion Show name ILMA Style GALA to Showcase Student Brand

The Nation  |  Dec 06, 2022

 ILMA University Organized a Fashion Show name ILMA Style GALA to Showcase Student Brand

ILMA made a grand entrance into the fashion industry with the ILMA Style Gala! This elite event was held at ILMA University. In a world where fashion trends rule the apparel industry and act as cultural communication like music and food, this was surely an attractive affair.

The iconic fashion show offered the audience firsthand knowledge about clothing lines. Some ensembles by student designers were showcased while others modeled stylish dresses. The varsity provided them a platform to launch their clothing brands and showcase these extravagantly.

As remarked by Class Faculty Mr. Owais Saleem, “Design stanches from young individuals of ILMA, each possessing a mature state of mind and constantly thinking outside the box. We at ILMA believe in not only motivating those within your circle but celebrating life’s success with them as well”

These clothing brands were launched by students of Principles of Marketing, Introduction to Media Software, and Event Management. From Class of Event Management, we have Black Fire, Next Trend, Run, Wrap Jack, Class of Introduction of Media Software are Bro-Kit, Rukh, Scenes, and From Class of Principle of Marketing we have Elenor, Haxs, Khanan's, Suit Shoot, Suthan Clothing, Winter Fiesta, Zarif cazibie. 

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Judges panel included Beauty and lifestyle influencer Shahmina Shah, Renowned makeup artist Nadia Baloch, Fashion Designer Mr. Umair and Fashion Photographer Usama Sameer. 

One of the Designer Student said “We can promote our respective cultures through fashion which has a universal appeal. Culture and fashion are breaking barriers and bridging gaps among the nations.” He added that in an era of branded coutres, fashion forms unique identities to increase people-to-people contact.

One of the judges Shahmina Shah stated, “ILMA Style Gala turned out to be a grooming ground for the upcoming talented young models and designers. I would like to give much credit to the organizers for putting together such a marvelous event as well as the designers for creating new and exciting concepts to unveil onto the fashion scene.”

ILMA Style Gala was truly a trendsetter that provided a platform for students to unleash their creativity and talent with a promising opportunity to open the portals of fashion globally.   An enormous amount of credit must go to the Class of Principles of Marketing, Event Management, and Introduction to Media Software for organizing such a marvelous experience.

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