Shoaib Khan pays tribute to acid attack survivors

Shoaib Khan pays tribute to acid attack survivors

Pakistani makeup artist and stylist Shoaib Khan, known for his next-level beauty skills and epic transformations paid tribute to acid attack survivors.

He took to Instagram to share the transformation leaving fans stunned who were in awe of his amazing makeup skills.

Shoaib Khan also penned a heartfelt note for acid attack survivors around the world. His message to them is: “Glisten your face with ruby lipstick. Gather your hair to one side so the details of your face become more visible. And SMILE!”

He urged them to flaunt their scars “No one can maim or embarass you! Don’t hide your scars, instead, flaunt them like a superpower! You’re beautiful and you’ll always be beautiful.”

The stylist also brought attention to how damaging acid burns can be “Acid can severely burn flesh in just 30 seconds, destroying eyelids, ears and noses and whatever comes in contact with it.”

He said through recreating this look, he could understand the ordeal of acid attack victims. “It was really hard for me to look in the mirror after I recreated this look. I got to realize the pain, the trauma, all these survivors suffer from.

He lauded Deepika for raising awareness through her film giving motivation to the survivors to shine through in life and moving forward with determination.

“After this film, my respect level for her is reaching all new heights,” he concluded. News desk

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