Rory Burns leaves the field after being dismissed by Shannon Gabriel on review

Rory Burns leaves the field after being dismissed by Shannon Gabriel on review
It was a tough day in the field for Richard Kettleborough and Richard Illingworth, both umpiring an England Test for the first time due to Covid-enforced changes to ICC regulations. In England"s innings, three times Kettleborough declined West Indies lbw appeals, only to have them overturned on review; then, when the tourists batted, Illingworth twice gave opener John Campbell out, but for DRS to grant a reprieve.

25.4 Gabriel to Burns, OUT Flung down full, there"s a couple of noises as the ball thuds into the pad... was it heading leg side? West Indies call for a review, and this could be close. No bat involved, was just the toe scraping the ground, and Burns had moved right in front of his poles. Hawk-Eye has it smashing leg stump! Gabriel gets his third, England on a wobble. Test cricket, how we"ve missed you!RJ Burns lbw b Gabriel 30 (126m 85b 4x4 0x6) SR: 35.29

33.1 Holder to Crawley, OUT After teasing Crawley with outswingers, Holder ventures wide of the crease and pings the front pad by bringing this one back in. The batsman falls over and is in trouble. Not given out lbw, but Holder opts to challenge the on-field out decision. This looks close. Beats the inside edge and thuds into the pad in line with middle. Impact in line, hitting leg stump. Crawley has to go and another fine review from Holder and WIZ Crawley lbw b JO Holder 10 (51m 26b 2x4 0x6) SR: 38.46

57.4 Holder to Archer, OUT Another West Indies review for lbw, after Holder speared one into Archer"s front pad... Could be tight again, Richard Kettleborough having declined the original appeal. Delivered from quite wide on the crease, but this looks to be troubling leg stump. Yep, demolishing leg, Holder has five! Excellent use of the DRS, and the net is tightening around EnglandJC Archer lbw b JO Holder 0 (9m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

6.6 Anderson to Campbell, no run Finds the length, straightens to hit the back leg... and up goes the finger! Campbell was looking to drive, beaten on the inside, and he"s not sure whether to review, although he eventually does with the seconds counting down. Did it pitch in line? NO! Great review, another one West Indies have got right! Richard Illingworth has to overturn his decision this time

12.2 Anderson to Campbell, no run Given again, but I"m sure Campbell will review! Playing no shot as the ball came back off the seam, rapped on the knee roll... height the only question. And it"s going over! Incredible! (Although you"d better believe it.) I thought it looked slightly high, on first glance; only needed to brush the bails, for umpire"s call, but it was clearing leg stump

...but later in the same over, Illingworth (and Anderson) finally got a decision to stick.

12.6 Anderson to Campbell, OUT Smacks the front pad, given lbw for a third time! Campbell asks for assistance from the DRS, but his luck may have finally run out, at least to the naked eye! Richard Illingworth"s trigger finger is backed up by the evidence on this occasion, Hawk-Eye has the ball toppling leg stump - and Campbell"s cannonball run is over!JD Campbell lbw b Anderson 28 (36b 3x4 0x6) SR: 77.77

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