Chat Pati Fry Kaleji

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Aadha Kilo Kaleji
• Sirka 2 tsp ( Kaleji ki smell khatam karny k lye)
• aik pyali dahi
• 1 chamach lehsan adrak ka pest
• aik chamach namak
• aik chamach kuti laal mirch
• 2 chamach imli pest
• garnish k lye barek kata dhaniya
• 2 bareek kati hari mirch
• oil 2 khaney k barey chamach

Kaleji ko sirkey se dho kar baqi tamam masaley laga k thori der rakh den
phir aik karahi me oil garam kar k kaleji masaly k saath daal den our galny tak fry karen lite crispy ho jaey to harey dhanye our hari mirch se garnish kar k surve karen

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Reviews & Discussions - Chat Pati Fry Kaleji
The recipe of chatpati kaleji look very tasty due to the ingredients, I think to eat without chapati it becomes very tasty if we make it according to this recipe of kaleji which is totally make to eat with sauce.

najma - khi 24 Aug, 2015

Actually I like those kaleji in which little bit gravy is also include because it is easy to serve in the family.

Khalida - Karachi 17 May, 2015

Every members in my home eat kaleji with the help of fork, they never eat it with chapati and roti. I serve it with ketchup thats why i make it in a different way.

dania - khi 02 Oct, 2014

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