Poet: Talha Tallat
By: Talha Tallat, Lahore

Bohat Ajab Baath Hai Logo Batana Bhool Gaya
Muskurahat Ataa Ki Sabko Jabke Khud Muskurana Bhool Gaya

Kesay Kis Zarf Se Nikloon Iss Shahar Main Logon
Jab Kay Duniya Chor Dih Jiski Khatir Mujhko Wohi Benishaan Sa Chor Gaya

Loot Liya Mujhko Kuch Kiye Baghair Usnay
Bas Apni Imanat Lekar Woh Mujhko Akela Chor Gaya

Herat Na Hui Mujhko Kissi Apnay Ne Joh Rang Badla
Mudhat Hui Hai Ab Toh Joh Saara Zamaana Chor Gaya

Yaadon Se Jee Behlaa Loh Kay Dard Main Muskura Loh
Yeh Seekha Hai Jabse Woh Apna Mujhko Paraya Chor Gaya

Joh Aanso Na Seh Sakta Tha Hamaray Naino Main Qatra
Wohi Ashqon Ki Abshaar Seenay Main Meray Chor Gaya

Haar Raath Koye Khalish Hou Jesay Sonay Na Deti Hou Jesay
Ek Bhool Hui Shahid Unsay Woh Apna Dil Meray Seenay Main Chor Gaya

Raath Guzar Gayi Hai Ghazal Likhtay Likhtay Talha
Chalo Iss Behasil Ishq Kay Safar Main Woh Kuch Nahi Toh Likhnay Ka Bahana Chor Gaya

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About the Author: Talha Tallat

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By: Fatima , Lahore on Jul, 28 2017
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Super heart touching and love it.while reading it totally feel like someone wrote it from they're heart it feels like its the little story about the author's life.i hope everyone understand it from they true heart and not everyone can feel this how the author feels but everyone should try to appreciate support the true story in a ghazal i am totally a fan of this poetry the author.this is inspirational and it should make people proud, the whole world and the author's family.love this and i appreciate it.keep posting more i can't wait for more.😊
By: Alisha fatima, Lahore on Jul, 27 2017
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Shukriya bohat bohat. -Talha
By: Talha Tallat, Lahore on Aug, 30 2017
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