Main Nashe Mein Hun

Poet: Mir Taqi Mir
By: Waqar Ali, Karachi

Yaaro Muje Maaf Rakho Main Nashe Mein Hun
Ab Do Tu Jaam Khali Hi Do, Main Nashe Mein Hun

Aik Aik Qart-e Dor Main Yunhi Hi Muje Bi Do
Jam-e Sharab Par Na Karo, Main Nashe Mein Hun

Masti Se Barhami Hai Meri, Guftagu Ke Bech
Jo Chaho Tum Bi Muj Ko Kahu, Main Nashe Mein Hun

Ya Hathon Hath Lo Muje, Manind Jaam-e May
Ya Thori Door Sath Chalo, Main Nashe Mein Hun

Ma’azoor Hun, Jo Paon Mere Be Tarah Pare
Tu Sargaran Tu Muj Se Na Ho, Main Nashe Mein Hun

Nazak Mazaj Aap Qayamat Hain Mir Ji
Joon Shesha Mere Munh Na Lago, Main Nashe Mein Hun

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About the Author: Waqar Ali

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 Reviews & Comments
I hate sharab poetry its making our new generation to go on wrong path.Avoid drinking poetry as i have pot reviews so many times before.
By: Qasim, khi on Sep, 08 2015
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This was my favorite poetry of Mir Taqi Mir since my college days. I love every bit of this poetry. Its ever green and makes me recall my golden memories.
By: Dilpazeer, Lahore on Aug, 13 2015
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Please also upload love Poetry on your forum especially Mir Taqi Mir the collection of him there is less and I want you people to increase its collection of every genre.
By: Farhad, Islamabad on Aug, 06 2015
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