Suno Acha Nahi Lagta

Poet: poetry
By: nida, karachi

Suno Acha Nahi Lagta
Kare Jab Tazkara Koi
Kare Jab Tabsara Koi
Tumhari Zaat Ko Khooje
Tumhari Baat Ko Sochey
Mujhey Achha Nahi Lagta

Suno Achha Nahi Lagta
Tumhari Muskuraahat Per
Hazaaron Log Martey Hon
Tumhari Aik Ahut Per
Hazaaron Dil Dharakte Hon
Kisi Ka Tum Pe Yun Marna
Mujhey Achha Nahi Lagta

Suno Achha Nahi Lagta
K Tum Ko Phool Bhi Daikhein
Tumhare Paas Se Mehkein
Ya Chanda Ki Guzaarish Ho
K Apni Roshni Bakhsoon
Rukh-E-Jaana Koi Daikhey
Mujhey Achha Nahi Lagta

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