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ملتان کا موسم
Multan Weather - Multan is one of the prominent cities located in the southern part of Punjab. Hot summers, dust storms, and cold winters are the main feature of Multan weather. Talking about the main factors that affect the Multan weather are the monsoons and western disturbances. Other fact ..Read more

Multan Weather

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Feels like: 23°
High 24°  Low 10°
Visibility 1 km Wind km/h
Dew Point 13 °C Humidity 63%
Sunrise 05:57 Sunset 16:13
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----
Multan Weather Forecast
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5 Day Forecast
Hazy sunshine
Hi 28° | Lo 11°
Hazy sunshine
Hi 28° | Lo 12°
Hazy sun
Hi 27° | Lo 12°
Hazy sun
Hi 26° | Lo 12°
Hazy sun
Hi 26° | Lo 12°
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Reviews & Comments on Multan Weather
Now days the Multan’s weather is going very cold which I really like that and mine many relative are live there together
wania, Dec 01 2016

Now the weather of Multan is so beautiful I it is really enjoy full weather and tomorrow I will going to picnic with my family because of it
humera, Nov 15 2016

OOh ho aaj thandhi hawa hy .kitna pyira mosam.g to chahta hy multan.mein.sair kron.
ABBAS.BUKHARI...BWP, Nov 12 2016

Now days the Multan’s weather is little cold mine many relatives are live there and sometimes they call at mine home so I know the idea of their weather
samreen, Nov 09 2016

Today the multans weather is too cold I know that because mine many relatives are live there and I talk to him on the net with the help of Skype
lareeb, Nov 07 2016

Now days the Multan weather is doing very cool from some days I go there for meet mine relatives so I can’t stayed that so i was came on mine home
aliya, Nov 02 2016

Weather is still hot in afternoon at Multan my cousin recently came from Karachi and in Karachi the Weather is cold still on evening and afternoon
Tas;eem, Oct 28 2016

This site cane show the very authentic new weather updates and now todays I saw the Multan’s weather and it too hot today and I don’t like the summer season
hameema, Oct 28 2016

Shou khamosh badal aa rha hy my mailsi not sawan rain please ab to ane do ha ha ha
Waheed ahmad arain wahin, Mailsi arain wahinOct 09 2016

I wish if the weather of multan could change, I am obsessed with this hot weather. Isn’t there any solution of it. No body plants tree here and the number of people and vehicles are increasing here day by day.This is a very good and helpful website
nimra, multanOct 08 2016

Extremely unpredictable weather in Multan and its knowledge is really vital to farmers there, Multan has huge production but unfortunately lots of it is wasted due to rain or drought. This page can help those poor farmers.
Maira, NaranSep 30 2016

Aj brish ho jai..rain
Syed Abbas, Musafir khana,BAHWALPURSep 22 2016

Multan is the city of saints . I really want to visit city Multan .i also check the today wheather forecast of multan city here. today is very hot.
Shamsa, karachiSep 20 2016

Multan Weather is seriously amazing and beautiful to the core. Love it to the core. Seriously. I want to visit this city soon now to enjoy the cloudy weather. I cant tell you guys how much excited i am after checking out the weather forecast of Multan city here.
Erum Khan, KarachiSep 15 2016

Roz rain
waheed ahmad, mailsi arain wahinSep 09 2016

Multan Weather is looking so gorgeous today they aren’t show there the Rainy but my prediction is there is Rainy today because of moisture in air
Sultan, MultanAug 28 2016

Bahdon hi bearish aa jai to sardi jalad aa jai GI. Bahadon kind garmi sy parinday Bhi panah mangtay hain
khalid khan, aj barkah rut chahi hui hi sub mil kr dua kro barish ho but weather me barish hoti nazar ni aa rhiAug 22 2016

Weekly Weather Update:
Latest development shows light rainfall expected today in Multan and continue till tomorrow. As per latest weather update and weather analysis calculation following expected precipitation about raining in Multan.
4th Aug Thursday: 5 mm Rain with Thunderstorms: 60%
5th Aug Friday: 4 mm Rain with Thundershowers @ 50%
Mirza Irfan, MultanAug 04 2016

The residents of Layyah can check out this exclusive Multan weather update posted for a week on this page. It covers details about temperature, and rainfall forecasts in the region for the upcoming week.
Ghafoor, MultanJul 24 2016

Sawan agaya hy barish nahe hoe dua karo rain ho logo jago mailsi walo dua karo
Waheed ahmad mailsi, Mailsi arain wahinJul 21 2016

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Multan Weather - Multan is one of the prominent cities located in the southern part of Punjab. Hot summers, dust storms, and cold winters are the main feature of Multan weather. Talking about the main factors that affect the Multan weather are the monsoons and western disturbances. Other factors that can change the Multan weather are fog, dust storms, heat waves, South West Monsoon, and Continental Air.
Winters season in Multan is about to commence. It starts from December and continues till February. Western disturbances have deep influence during winters. The temperature falls down to 4.5°C which is the average lowest recorded in January. The 22.7 °C is the average highest winter temperature recorded in the month of December. Occurrence of heavy rain is the main feature of winters that can make the climate cold. Western disturbances cause hailstorms in Multan. The highest winter rainfall of 9.2 millimeters is recorded in February.

The spring of Multan comes in March and lasts till April. The highest average spring temperature recorded is 35 °C in April and the lowest recorded temperature is 13.5 °C in March. The springs feature rainfall of almost 19.5 mm in March. The summers commence form May and lasts till September. The highest average Multan Weather recorded summer temperature is 42.3 °C in June while the lowest recorded temperature is 24.9 °C in September. The wettest summer month is July where average monthly rainfall is recorded at 62 mm. the autumns are from October till November. The highest average recorded autumn temperature is 34°C in October and lowest is 10.9 °C in November.
Talking about autumn in Multan it starts from October and ends in November. The main factors are hazy and dry weather. The highest average October temperature recorded was 34 °C and the lowest average temperature is recorded in November of 10.9 °C. Rainfall occurs late in November with highest monthly average rainfall is 2.1 millimeters recorded in October.
Find 5 day weather forecast, Multan weather map, and information about dew point, visibility, sunrise, and moonrise for Multan city on this page.