Karachi Weather Forecast
کراچی کا موسم
Karachi weather is arid as the coastal city experiences relatively mild weather. Karachi weather updates consists on only two main seasons’ summer & winter. Average weather in Karachi is around 30°C to 37°C during summer season. The winter in Karachi has only few months November to March end, ..Read more

Karachi Weather

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Feels like: 15°
High 29°  Low 13°
Visibility 6 km Wind 8 km/h
Dew Point -1 °C Humidity 34%
Sunrise 06:10 Sunset 17:21
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----
Karachi Weather Forecast
5 Day Forecast
Hi N/A° | Lo 13°
Hi 29° | Lo 17°
Hi 29° | Lo 14°
Hi 27° | Lo 13°
Hi 27° | Lo 13°
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Reviews & Comments on Karachi Weather
Such a normal condition of weather in karachi but little bit cool just in the morning but the whole day the temperature remain constant. I also like this condition of weather.
zakir, khiFeb 04 2016

yesterday Karachi weather is so good, i pray weather will become same all time. Still waiting for some more cold winds touches the border of Karachi so we enjoy going winter.
Mehwish, KarachiJan 28 2016

Kushi, KarachiJan 26 2016

It is nice weather of city karachi thanks to Allah and i believe that it will gonna rais day by day and we all enjoy this wintet inshah Allah.
Iman shah, KarachiJan 24 2016

wah kya mosam ho gia karachi ka halki halki barish k bd
arif khan an, karachiJan 18 2016

karachi me kb barish hogi koi to bata de yar kb hogi ya karachi me ab kbhi sardi nahi hogi or nahi barish hogi kia plzzzzzzz batado yar plzzzz
faiqhussain, karachiJan 13 2016

no rain no winter only few cold nights in December are cool. anyone knows why temperature is rising in city. I think after few years there is no winter season in Karachi and it will be so sad for us.
Irshad Qureshi, KarachiJan 05 2016

I like the temperature of weather for a past week because it is quiet constant, neither it too much cold nor hot but may be in the month of january it becomes change.
zaid, khiDec 22 2015

Ya allah tera shukar
noor Muhammad, karachiDec 21 2015

still hot at daytime i want to know when winter will be started in Karachi as all over Pakistan winter started. Nights are comfortable but still no signs of winter in Karachi yet, hopefully next week will clear the picture.
Shahzad Shah, KarachiNov 23 2015

Karachi weather reports for this week says weather become more pleasant and cold after this week. Please pray for rain so diseases of cough and fever will finish. It also finish dryness in Karachi.
Shahzad Afzal, KarachiNov 18 2015

There is no change in Karachi weather till next week, temperature will be same and straight in next few days. I hope winds from quetta or changes of country weather may effect and increase coldness in Karachi.
Bilal, KarachiNov 11 2015

Next week of November will be more good and temperature would be around 20° to 28°. Please be save and wear some warm clothes with keeping you dry to avoid flu and cough.
Hira Iqbal, KarachiNov 03 2015

Ya ALLAH tera shukar hai karachi ka mosum kafi acha ho gaya hai
Kushi, KarachiNov 02 2015

karachi main chr mahene gami hoti ha orr shha mahenay sakht gami bqi do barish kay intazar kay
saeed qaziio, karachiOct 25 2015

nothing change in Karachi weather there is only hope for cold winter. As weather report of this month says no change in weather till 30 oct but after this weather will be good. Please pray everyone for rain or snowfall in quetta then some cold air comes from quetta :)
Irshad Qureshi, KarachiOct 20 2015

currently weather is little comfortable but humidity is high. As per weather report Karachi weather will be around 37 ° to 25° this week and still waiting for winter startup. I think next week will be good as temperature feels around 32° to 24°.
Ahsan Iqbal, KarachiOct 12 2015

Karachi Weather these days are hot in day time and little bit windy at night time. I pray to ALLAH that please make Karachi weather pleasant for everyone.
Qundeel, KarachiOct 07 2015

Allah Pak Millat-e-Islamia ki Jaan Maal Izzat aur Aabro ki hifazat farma aur har tarhan key mausami khatraat sey hum sub ko mehfooz farma. Aye Rabbe Kainaat Musalamo ko mutahid farma aur amle saleha kerney ki himmat taqat ata farma. Summa Summa Ameen,,,Duago Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Qadri
Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Qadri, KarachiOct 06 2015

friends ready for little more hot weather starts from tomorrow and continue till this saturday but this weekend is also having pleasant weather. I hope you all will careful during daytime drink more water and go less outside.
Imad Wasim, KarachiOct 06 2015

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Karachi weather is arid as the coastal city experiences relatively mild weather. Karachi weather updates consists on only two main seasons’ summer & winter. Average weather in Karachi is around 30°C to 37°C during summer season. The winter in Karachi has only few months November to March end, the best time to visit in Karachi is December or January as temperature is around 8°C to 15°C. The weather of Karachi is unpredictable at times. Summer season especially is that time of the year when you experience sunny weather without any rainfall.

The current weather situation of Karachi is much better than June’s weather as the city has witnessed its first Monsoon spell recently. Strong breezy winds have turned the Karachi weather into pleasant atmosphere. Karachi weather updates was earlier known to be moderate but this year the entire spectrum of Karachi weather updates has changed. Sizzling hot deadly summers has witnessed in the month May and June. But last few days the temperature of Karachi comes to 35°C to minimum 32°C. Met department of Pakistan already predicted rainy weather for Karachi which will last for 3 to 4 days in the going month of July. This pleasant weather has made the Karachi atmosphere bearable and it is expected to be Cloudy for the next 24 hours.

From July to September the average temperature of Karachi remains between 30 to 37 degrees; where July and August are considered rainy months. The overall climate of Karachi is warm and you can experience cold breezes and continuous drizzles in month of July and August. Current average daily temperature of Karachi is 32 degrees, and warmest daily temperature is 35 degrees, also humidity level has declined to 27%. Weather in July is pleasant than June as it receives 9 hours / day sunlight, average daily temperature is 30 degrees, warmest daily temperature is 35 degrees, while maximum July temperature has been recorded up till is 37 degrees. It is also predicted by Met department of Pakistan that these heavy rain falls in Karachi will bring intense winters.

To beat the heat and enjoy the Karachi Weather updates, one must plan for early spring or late winters. The city does not receive too much rain and most of the rain occurs in the month of July, August, and September coinciding with monsoons. The city receives average rainfall of about 10 inches between July to September. Winter season is a mixture of mild and chilly where January is the coldest month with temperature as low as 5°C. Check the 5 days weather forecast in advance from this page. Get the latest Karachi weather updates live on HamariWeb.