Huzaifa Name meaning 2024 Likes

Gender Boy
Meaning A companion of the Prophet's name
Origin --
Lucky # 2 ?
حذیفہ   نام
لڑكا   جنس
حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم کے صحابی کا نام، دانشمند، عقلمند   معنی
2 ?   لکی نمبر
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Popularity 545145
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Huzaifa name meaning: Huzaifa is a Muslim baby Boy name, Huzaifa name meaning is A companion of the Prophet's name and the lucky number associated with Huzaifa is 2. Find all the relevant details about the Huzaifa Meaning, Origin, Lucky Number and Religion from this page. Average rating of Huzaifa is 4 stars, based on 20 reviews. Huzaifa meaning has been searched 545145 five hundred and forty-five thousand one hundred and forty-five times till 18 March, 2018.

Name gives you identification in the world. You carry this identification from cradle to grave. Parents therefore, pay immense attention to choose a suitable name for their new born. Huzaifa found in the list of H, and there are 442 four hundred and forty-two names in this list.

How do u find this name? Huzaifa

It is my name Malik Huzaifa Chohan and Not my lucky No 2 My lucky No 7

Huzaifa , Nankana shaib Mon 15 Jan, 2018

It's my name and I think it also means, a person who keeps secrets of others safe.

Mohammad Huzefa Shaikh , Coventry Thu 11 Jan, 2018

Mian Muhammad Huzaifa

Mian Muhammad Huzaifa , Islamabad Sun 24 Dec, 2017

my name is huzaifa. one meaning of huzaifa hazaf-delete hauzaifa-deleted

huzefa , Mumbai Wed 06 Dec, 2017

Huzaifa is my name and i Love my name so much

huzaifa , gujranwala Sat 25 Nov, 2017

HuZaifa Is My Name And I Like It Too MuCh!!!!!😍😘

HuZaifa , Lahore Fri 22 Sep, 2017

My son name is Muhammad Huzaifa Panhwar

Muhammad Huzaifa Panhwar , Jamshoro Thu 14 Sep, 2017

My name huzaifa sanaullah

Huzaifa sanaullah , Gujranwala pakistan Sun 10 Sep, 2017

This is my name

Hojaifa , Dhaka,bangladesh Sat 29 Jul, 2017

It's my name muhammad huzaifa

MUHAMMAD HUZAIFA , New alfalah,Abudhabi,U.A.E Mon 24 Jul, 2017

its my name

hozaifa owaisi , Raleigh Mon 24 Apr, 2017

mera nam hai huzaifa rind

huzaifa rind , quetta Sat 01 Apr, 2017

The litral meaning of this name in arabic actually funny, it means a short range of throw it comes from the orgine word of حذف (Hadaf) means throw and hudaifa Or huzaifah(حذيفة) no matter how you spell it in your language means small throw or short throw ... but you have to understand the ppl who the one made their immortal not the vice versa.

Cafu , Madina Munawarah Sun 12 Feb, 2017

Huzaifa is name of boy as well as girl. And the meaning of Huzaifa is “A companion of the prophet’s name”

nazia , sakhar Tue 17 Jan, 2017

My name is huzaifa shaikh

Huzaifa Shaikh , Lucknow Sat 07 Jan, 2017

I don’t have any way to go with the another name meanings page because it gives me everything what I need to know by my name.

ambreen , sakhar Wed 04 Jan, 2017

Huzaifa means "Sheep".

Aamir Vaince , Sheikhupura Tue 03 Jan, 2017

I like huzaifa name too much n i named my baby huzaifa Rahman. But I was disappointed to see its meaning " SMALL SHEEP".

Aamir Vaince , Sheikhupura Tue 03 Jan, 2017

Huzaifa is my favorite name for boys. If I ever be blessed with a male child, I will definately name him Huzaifa. Please also add a literal meaning of this name too. Thanks for this page

shamshir , india Wed 21 Dec, 2016

loved to here something nice about my name. And I wanted to know the real meaning of my name :)

Huzaifa , Rawalpindi Sat 03 Dec, 2016

Huzaifa Name meaning

Huzaifa is a unique name with impressive meaning. It belongs to Arabic origin. You can find name meaning of Huzaifa in both English & Urdu, and other languages as well. Names similar to Huzaifa are also listed here. You can even listen to the audio on this page to understand the actual pronunciation of the name Huzaifa.

This information is enough to give a clear idea about the name. The level of popularity and rating of this name Huzaifa is also presented here.