Wajiha Name meaning 705 Likes

Gender Girl
Meaning Beautiful woman, glorious
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 2 ?
وجیہہ   نام
لڑكی   جنس
خوش رو، حسین، خوش شکل، سوہنی   معنی
عربی   زبان
2 ?   لکی نمبر
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Rating: 4 / 5
Votes Casts 34
Popularity 240393
Likes 705
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Wajiha is a Muslim baby Girl name, it is an Arabic originated name. Wajiha name meaning is Beautiful woman, glorious and the lucky number associated with Wajiha is 2. Find all the relevant details about the Wajiha Meaning, Origin, Lucky Number and Religion from this page. Average rating of Wajiha is 4 stars, based on 20 reviews. Wajiha meaning has been search 240393 two hundred and forty thousand three hundred and ninety-three times till 18 February, 2018.

How do u find this name? Wajiha

My wajeeha is know i love her and today i told her but she is ok she is not angry with me i think she respect my love and she also know am love her sence childhood

Safdar , Islamabad Mon 12 Feb, 2018

My wajeea is know that am want her i dont understand how am tell to her i love her

Safdar , Islamabad Mon 12 Feb, 2018

My doughter name is wajeeha.she is so cute and sweet

Muhammad boota , Faisalabad Fri 17 Nov, 2017

My Daughtr name Wajiha Yasir

Yasir Mayo , Lahore Wed 01 Nov, 2017

my name is wajeeha and i like and love my name

wajeeha , pakistan Tue 22 Aug, 2017

I love my name, my uncle wanted to my name be Wajiha. Thank you ALLAH motaal. I love my Religion, Islam is the Most complete Religion.I am a muslim girl.

Wajiha Salimi , Omaha NE, USA Sat 18 Mar, 2017

My name is also wajiha.. And I love my name!

Wajiha waju , Jammu and kashmir Sun 12 Mar, 2017

I named my new born daughter as Wajiha. I like this name

Khalid , Abu Dhabi Sun 19 Feb, 2017

i love my wajiha . i am searching my wajiha, may she become my life partner if she is listening , listen to me sharply come to me

shahid , lahore Tue 07 Feb, 2017

My name is wajeeha I love my name

Wajeeha , Gujranwala Fri 13 Jan, 2017

I love my name so so much. ....

Wajiha Adnan , Lahore Thu 01 Dec, 2016

I love my name so so much. ....

Wajiha Adnan , Lahore Thu 01 Dec, 2016

My name is wajiha

Wajiha , London Mon 03 Oct, 2016

I love my name so much. I love it's meaning.nice name. It's meaning is "beautiful" and I know I am so beautiful.

Wajiha , Sahiwal Mon 13 Jun, 2016

i love this because it is my sister name nd i love my sister soo much

Anees Rajpoot , Bhawalpur Tue 05 Apr, 2016

Can wajiha be a man's name? If not, what is masculine form for "beautiful one" ?

ileana , albuquerque Wed 27 Jan, 2016

In this New year 2016 in 5th January born a sweet and lovely baby in my home. Today is a 7th day of birth. So I choose the name" Wajiha" and sacrificed BAKRA as a Aqiqa. So I very happy today

saifuddin shaikh , mumbai Mon 11 Jan, 2016

I met my co-worker's family today and his wife is named Wajiha. She is a very beautiful young lady! Such a wonderful family and so hospitable!

Rianna , Thunder Bay Fri 11 Dec, 2015


Very beautiful , Sargodha Sun 29 Nov, 2015

Woooww lovely name...my name is also wajiha and I am beautiful I know

Wajiha , Canada Thu 19 Nov, 2015

Wajiha Name meaning

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