QMobile Prices in Pakistan - The mobile phone industry is flourishing in Pakistan with the advent of the local giant QMobile. From simple low priced bar phones to flagship smart phone devices, QMobile has surely made competition fierce for rival brands. QMobile is Pakistan’s leading smart phone brand officially operating from 2009. Innovation and R & D is the motto of the company. The phone category is vast accommodating smartphones, bar phones, touch screen, and QWERTY Keyboard. It comes in one year warranty from Digicom. QMobile gained immense popularity with diverse range of mobile and smartphones equipped with all the high tech specs like other international brands, effective customer service, economical pricing, and proactive marketing & promotional strategy. Some of the famous QMobile series includes Noir E, G, and Q series. It has adopted celebrity endorsement strategy. The latest campaign presently being run on electronic and print media features the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor and energetic Arjun Kapoor after the immense success of the previous ad by evergreen photogenic Bollywood icon Kareena Kapoor as QMobile’s brand ambassador. Lets’ see where QMobile next lands! Find the latest and upcoming QMobile Phones updated on HamariWeb. You can grab the information about the specs, features, and best prices from HamariWeb. Catch all the latest information and updates from HamariWeb.

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QMobile Mobile Phones

QMobile Prices in Pakistan needs no introduction. It is the popular name in the local mobile market, gained immense popularity from its simple yet elegant handsets, bar phones, and smart phones. The era of revolution in mobile market came with the launch of QMobile in 2009 by Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar.

It took just three years for QMobile to develop into the largest Pakistani smart phone brand. The unique selling proposition of QMobile is its economical price tags on numerous Android smart phones and tablets featuring dual sim, high speed processors, connectivity options, high quality camera specs and lot more. Some of the high profile and latest smart phones from QMobile include QMobile B900, QMobile Noir X250, QMobile R950, QMobile Noir X2, QMobile Noir X300, QMobile B33, QMobile R650 to name a few. Some of the most speculated upcoming QMobile devices are QMobile Noir A5, QMobile Q-Smart S20, and QMobile C2. The brand value of QMobile has improved with some of the high budget advertisement featuring Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, and Arjun Kapoor.

QMobile smart phones, tablets, and bar phones are available at economical prices all over Pakistan. Loaded with wide range of amazing features and specs QMobile has gained popularity in the local market. They are priced economically keeping in view the local public requirements. QMobile has worked on innovation to improve the quality of the devices. HamariWeb gives you an opportunity to keep you updated with the latest and upcoming QMobile phone prices in Pakistan. We offer the best and genuine prices for all the QMobile devices.

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QMobile Explorer 3G Price in Pakistan
QMobile Explorer 3G
RS. 3990
QMobile Noir Z8 Plus Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir Z8 Plus
RS. 20999
QMobile Noir i5i Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir i5i
RS. 9500
QMobile Noir X350 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir X350
RS. 11900
QMobile QTab 120 Price in Pakistan
QMobile QTab 120
RS. 8400
QMobile QTab V6 Price in Pakistan
QMobile QTab V6
RS. 10250
QMobile L1 Price in Pakistan
QMobile L1
RS. 1525
QMobile Noir X10 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir X10
RS. 6200
QMobile C10 Price in Pakistan
QMobile C10
RS. 1850
QMobile R240 Price in Pakistan
QMobile R240
RS. 2490
QMobile L2 Price in Pakistan
QMobile L2
RS. 1590
QMobile Noir X3 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir X3
RS. 6250
QMobile Noir X1 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir X1
RS. 5400
QMobile W1 Price in Pakistan
QMobile W1
RS. 7450
QMobile R990 Price in Pakistan
QMobile R990
RS. 2950
QMobile R720 Price in Pakistan
QMobile R720
RS. 2580
QMobile R480 Price in Pakistan
QMobile R480
RS. 2500
QMobile Noir X6 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir X6
RS. 5100
QMobile Noir M300 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir M300
RS. 17000
QMobile Noir LT600 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir LT600
RS. 17000
QMobile Noir Z8 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir Z8
RS. 18800
QMobile S150 Price in Pakistan
QMobile S150
RS. 2200
QMobile S300 Price in Pakistan
QMobile S300
RS. 2240
QMobile S50  Price in Pakistan
QMobile S50
RS. 1950
QMobile Noir X450 Price in Pakistan
QMobile Noir X450
RS. 12200
QMobile X900 (Low) Price in Pakistan
QMobile X900 (Low)
RS. 16500
QMobile C6 Price in Pakistan
QMobile C6
RS. 2500
QMobile R500 Price in Pakistan
QMobile R500
RS. 2650
QMobile X900 (High) Price in Pakistan
QMobile X900 (High)
RS. 17400
QMobile X600 Price in Pakistan
QMobile X600
RS. 15500

Latest Reviews on QMobile Mobile Phones

QMobile Noir X10

Nice and great phone reasonable and gives 1400 mAh battery life to socially connect with family and friends.

Arbaz Khan , Islamabad Thu 28 May, 2015
QMobile QTab V6

Is this Qmobile Tab is same like QTab Q50? after comparing both Tabs specifications I dont find any big difference.

Sabahat , Karachi Thu 28 May, 2015
QMobile QTab 120

I never used the Qmobile Tab so I cant say much about it but there is a description written here that tells this Tab is good.

Fakhir Ejaz , Lahore Thu 28 May, 2015
QMobile Noir X350

I am using this phone since one year I am satisfied with the performance of mobile. People falsely says that Qmobile is failed deliver the quality.

Najeeb Hafiz , Islamabad Thu 28 May, 2015
QMobile Noir i5i

The only thing of liking Qmobile is that they are lauching phone in a reasonable price range that any kind of person acquire smartphone.

Sara Khan , Okarah Thu 28 May, 2015
QMobile Noir Z8 Plus

Is this phone is available in the market and in how many colors this phone comes in? I like the battery feature of the phone.

Hussain Ali , Lahore Thu 28 May, 2015
QMobile Explorer 3G

It is a great thing Qmobile launching their Qwerty cellphones with integration of 3G that can benefit their users.

Saad Ullah , Islamabad Thu 28 May, 2015
QMobile Noir A120


IRFAN , ISLAMABAD Wed 27 May, 2015
QMobile E70

Nice compny

sajid , okara Wed 27 May, 2015
QMobile Noir A115

Very Nice

Raja Haseeb Qasim , Kotli Azad Kashmir Tue 26 May, 2015