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Junaid Jamshaid Online Naats

Junaid Jamshaid is a famous Pakistani recording artist who came to the limelight as frontman of pop group Vital Signs in 1987 with the song Dil Dil Pakistan and remained a youth icon through the 1990s. In 1999, Junaid Jamshed released his debut solo album Us Rah Par which became an immediate national hit, followed by Dil Ki Baat in 2001. Since than he developed interest in religion and concentrated on singing hymns. Junaid Jamshed's debut album Jalwa-e-Janan in 2005 was followed by Mehboob-e-Yazdaan in 2006. You can lsiten and download mp3 naats of Junaid Jamshaid.
Naats نعتیں
Title Naat Khawan / Title Preview
Jalwa-e-Janaan Junaid Jamshed
Muhammad Ka Roza Junaid Jamshed
Tune Pochi Hay Junaid Jamshed
jaga ji laganay Junaid Jamshed
Multazim Pur Dua Junaid Jamshed
Qad Af Lahal Junaid Jamshed
Yah Subh-e-Madina Junaid Jamshed
Rahsah Makwa Junaid Jamshed
Madad Junaid Jamshed
Aei Rasool-E-Amin Junaid Jamshed
Aei Taiba Junaid Jamshed
Ae Allah Tu Hi Atta Junaid Jamshed
Badee-Uz-Zaman Junaid Jamshed
Meetha Meetha Pyaara Junaid Jamshed
Mere Allah Tu Karim Junaid Jamshed
Mohabbat Kiya Hai Junaid Jamshed
Mujhe Zindagi Mein Yaarab Junaid Jamshed
Qasida (Qaseeda) Burda Shareef Junaid Jamshed
Badr ud Duja Junaid Jamshed
Bold and Brave Junaid Jamshed
Hijrat Junaid Jamshed
Kamle Wali Junaid Jamshed
Madinah Ko Jaiye Junaid Jamshed
Mere Allah Tu Kareem Hai Junaid Jamshed
Nasab Mubarak Janab Muhammed (PBUH) Junaid Jamshed
Oh Merciful Junaid Jamshed
Habibi Rasooli English Junaid Jamshed
Habibi Rasooli Urdu Junaid Jamshed
Dua e Tariq Junaid Jamshed
Elahi la Tu'azzibni Junaid Jamshed
Har Lehja he Junaid Jamshed
jab ma kaho Junaid Jamshed
mera dil badal da Junaid Jamshed
musaddas-e-hali Junaid Jamshed
Tofeeq de mujhe Junaid Jamshed
badi-uz-zaman Junaid Jamshed
tamanna Junaid Jamshed
Daur E Jehhalut Junaid Jamshed
Musalmano Ka Daur E Erteeqa Junaid Jamshed
Rehlat E Khatmul Mursaleen Junaid Jamshed
Sifat E Sahaba(R.A) Junaid Jamshed
Tableeg E Islam Junaid Jamshed
Zahoor E Mustafa(P.B.U.H) Junaid Jamshed
Zawal E Muslim Junaid Jamshed
Rabbi Zidni Ilma Junaid Jamshed
Agaya Mah E Ramdan Junaid Jamshed
Ae Nabi (S.A.W) Pyar Nabi Junaid Jamshed
Hai Meri Ye Dua Junaid Jamshed
Allahumma Sall E Ala Junaid Jamshed
Dua Junaid Jamshed
Ho Karam Ki Nazar Junaid Jamshed
Ae Rasool E Ameen(S.A.W) Junaid Jamshed
Duniya Ka Musafir Junaid Jamshed
Ya Rab Tu Junaid Jamshed
Kamli Walay Muhammad(S.A.W) Junaid Jamshed
Ae ALLAH Tu Hi Ata Junaid Jamshed
Dua Junaid Jamshed
Ae Nabi Jee Junaid Jamshed
Qaseeda Hassan Bin Sabit Junaid Jamshed
Haram Ki Hawaiin Junaid Jamshed
Ya Rajaai Junaid Jamshed
Nabi Ki Azmat Junaid Jamshed
La Makaan Allah Junaid Jamshed
Duniya Ke Ae Musafir Junaid Jamshed
Aj Sik Mitran Di Junaid Jamshed
Allah Allah Allah Junaid Jamshed
Aye Rasool Bujhi Na Junaid Jamshed
Faizan E Muhammad Junaid Jamshed
Gall Muki Na Sajan Junaid Jamshed
Her Sal Aata He Ramdan Junaid Jamshed
Her Shakhs Ki Gardan Junaid Jamshed
Mere Allah Teri Yaad Junaid Jamshed
Mere Nabi Pyare Junaid Jamshed
Subhan Allah Junaid Jamshed
Teri Rehmat ki Atta Junaid Jamshed
Yeh Zameen O Aasman Junaid Jamshed
Aey Rasool E Amin Tujh Sa Koi Nahin  New Junaid Jamshed
Madad Ae Mere Allah  New Junaid Jamshed
Qasida Burda Shareef  New Junaid Jamshed
Reviews on Junaid Jamshed Naats
Qasida Burda Shareef
I love you Bhai <3
Mutiullah Aadil, LahoreFriday, January 30 2015
Mere Nabi Pyare
daniyal, karachiFriday, January 30 2015
Duniya Ke Ae Musafir
i like this natt
aamir khan, faisalabadThursday, January 29 2015
Aey Rasool E Amin Tujh Sa Koi Nahin
Very niceee...*
Ali Hassan, gujratThursday, January 29 2015
Ae Nabi (S.A.W) Pyar Nabi
wania, karachiThursday, January 29 2015
Dua e Tariq
nice junaid uncle
kousar, gujratThursday, January 29 2015
Muhammad Ka Roza
Your naat is very good
Shahnawaz, Kota IndiaThursday, January 29 2015
Allah Allah Allah
v .v nice naat
ayesha, bahawalnagarThursday, January 29 2015
Aei Taiba
very heart touching naat......mashaallah
aseela shaikh, karachiThursday, January 29 2015
mera dil badal da
Badi payri awaz de hai bhai allah ne apko
raza Mohammad, Jharkhand dhanbadThursday, January 29 2015

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