PSEB’s GEM Board Listing Initiative Boosts Pakistan’s IT Industry Growth

Hamariweb  |  May 23, 2023

PSEB’s GEM Board Listing Initiative Boosts Pakistan’s IT Industry Growth

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is spearheading a transformative initiative aimed at nurturing the growth of Pakistan’s IT industry. Through their GEM Board listing program, PSEB is enhancing visibility, regulatory support, and access to capital for IT/ITeS companies in the country.

This strategic move opens doors to substantial opportunities for growth and innovation. While making the listing process more accessible with a 70% cost-sharing option. In a bid to disseminate valuable insights and promote this initiative, PSEB, in collaboration with PSX and AKD Securities Limited, has organized an interactive webinar scheduled for May 30, 2023.

Advantages of Listing on PSX GEM Board:

Listing on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) Board offers a myriad of advantages for IT/ITeS companies. One significant benefit is access to public funding, enabling accelerated growth and fostering innovation within organizations. Additionally, this listing elevates the stature of the industry, attracting increased investment and expanding business opportunities.

Webinar Details:

To ensure the seamless dissemination of knowledge despite prevailing law and order concerns, PSEB, PSX, and AKD Securities Limited have replaced the originally planned seminar with an engaging webinar. However, esteemed industry experts and representatives from these organizations will share insights on the advantages, opportunities, listing process, and eligibility criteria associated with listing on the PSX GEM Board. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain a comprehensive understanding of the initiative, facilitating informed decision-making.

Webinar Topics:

  1. PSEB’s collaborative efforts with AKD Securities Limited and PSX to promote the tech sector through increased listing on PSX.
  2. PSX senior representative’s presentation on policies, procedures, and regulations for GEM Board listing, emphasizing benefits for the tech sector.
  3. Supernet Limited’s Director/Company Secretary presentation on growth opportunities and challenges for the Tech Sector in listing on the GEM Board of PSX.
  4. AKD Securities Limited’s detailed presentation on their role and mandate for listing IT companies on the PSX GEM Board, including the ‘Qualification Criteria’ set by PSEB.
  5. Q&A session or panel discussion led by PSX and AKD Securities Limited, addressing IT companies’ queries and fostering interest in GEM Board listing.

Participation and Registration:

All interested IT/ITeS companies are strongly encouraged to secure their spot in the webinar by registering through the provided link. Given the anticipated high attendance, early registration is recommended to guarantee participation. This initiative holds significant potential for fostering the growth and advancement of Pakistan’s IT/ITeS industry, providing listed companies with access to vital resources to fuel innovation and capitalize on emerging growth prospects.

The PSEB’s GEM Board listing initiative is set to revolutionize Pakistan’s IT industry by enhancing visibility, access to capital, and regulatory support for IT/ITeS companies. Through the upcoming webinar, industry experts and representatives will shed light on the advantages and listing process, offering an invaluable opportunity for companies to gain comprehensive insights.

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