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“Pakistan to strengthen forces on Iran borders Pakistan has accepted for the first time to change the arrangement of its forces on borders with .. Read More

Chief Justice of Pakistan orders IG Sindh to present report on UmerKot case.CJP takes notice of Umer Kot incident where Zaid Talpur misbehaved and mis .. Read More

A scuffle broke out in the courtroom over demand for the FIR copy when doctors involved in illegal organ transplant were taken to the courttoday.The i .. Read More

In a new stratagem adopted by the enemies to malign Pakistan, efforts have been made to threaten Pakistani nationals abroad while misusing the contact .. Read More

Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed while dubbing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a stubborn child stressed that a tussle between Military and .. Read More

MUMBAI: According to reports. Pakistan International Airlines may suspend flights to Mumbai from next week.PIA has two flights a week between Mumbai a .. Read More

UN Secretary General António Guterres has lauded Pakistan for hosting millions of Afghan refugees for about four decades. United Nations Secret .. Read More

Supreme Court's Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan has made these remarks todaythat he has not called Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a liar in the verdict of Panama .. Read More

Seventeen members of a single family were injured in a road mishap.According to details, the driver of a speeding vehicle lost control of his vehicle .. Read More

LAHORE: Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) has withdrawn the decision of veil ban during job hours and a notification has been issued in this regard.Accor .. Read More

A charged mob gathered outside a police station located in Hub on Thursday demanded that a Hindu man accused of blasphemy be handed over to them so th .. Read More

Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly (NA) Khurshid Shah said on Thursday that Dawn Leaks and Panama Leaks could save Prime Minister (PM) Nawa .. Read More

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police said they had contacted the interior ministry to put the names of two suspects in connection with Mashal Khan lynching .. Read More

Another three ‘hardcore terrorists’ who were tried by military courts were sent to the gallows on Thursday, said a statement issued by Int .. Read More

German special representative for Pakistan-Afghanistan Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser in a meeting with Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Bajwa a .. Read More

National Security Adviser, Lt Gen (R) Nasser Khan Janjua on Thursday expressed satisfaction over level and substance of bilateral relations between Pa .. Read More

A man has been lashed in Muzaffargar for protecting women.A motorcycle rikshaw driver saw a couple of influential people harassing women in bazar. He .. Read More

A complaint against excise officials has surfaced in which they are accused ofallegedly physically torturing the North Korean ambassador to Pakistan a .. Read More

The case of former Pakistani Army officer Colonel Habib is still unresolved but all evidences prove that he was taken to India from Nepal by Indian se .. Read More

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan invites 'everyone' to Sialkot to stand against a ‘corrupt’ prime minister.In the latest video .. Read More

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Thnkx to all respected media ... View News
Jamil jangian, Karachi 04 Feb, 2017

Definetly nice move for common man will make country benefited. Hoping even india has similar rule. So both neighborhood countries can flourish together. ... View News
Sanjay, Hyderabad 07 Jan, 2017

What was she doing there? We must issue warning to our citizens not to travel to India, on monthly basis, our Media should play the role and at the same time Home Minister should know his job. ... View News
Naim Khan, London 01 Jan, 2017

thats all fake report I was present at the scene the qadian fired at the muslims and injured 3 men and killed a muslim. ... View News
Sahibzada Salman Habib, chakwal 12 Dec, 2016

Pakistan government and nation should fall in a trap set up by Turkish government. We should not have happiness on the rights of Pakturk after giving it to Maarif Foundation. Where we're Muslim, how it can be discussed to give some ones wealth to any other entity by forcefully. How will Sheria be kept silenced after all this storm? Will they not say that this is unislamic, a manner of ignorance time. Hope government will respect the publics opinions and will not sink into unseen sea which will drown whoever enters in it in a such way. ... View News
Hasan, Karachi 04 Dec, 2016