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BBCLondonPop star Adele has issued a statement to distance herself from Donald Trump, after he used her music at his rallies.The Republican presidenti .. Read More

There's the whole will power thing - how many times can we be expected to resist the call of pizza? There's the fact that it just takes a little more .. Read More

Marni and D [DailyTimes] 02 Feb, 2016

It's an item that anyone who grew up in the '90s probably wants to permanently relegate to the fancy dress box. But the humble bum bag is making an un .. Read More

A student is demanding a lifetime supply of KitKats under the threat of legal action after she bought eight of the chocolate bars and none of them had .. Read More

We've seen it in India before and we'll see it in Dubai as well. Renowned Pakistani actors Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed will feature in the Pakistan Su .. Read More

LAHORE: The annual Fitness Fiesta fundraiser was held at Lakeside, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre on Sunday with the su .. Read More

Los Angeles (Daily Mail): It’s so trendy nowadays to express our feelings that it sometimes seems there’s nothing we can’t talk abou .. Read More

AFPGENEVATop chef Benoit Violier - whose renowned three-star restaurant in a small Swiss town is seen as the world’s best - was found dead in hi .. Read More

AMSTERDAM (AFP): Nearly a century after she was shot as an alleged spy, the story of the world’s ultimate femme fatale, Mata Hari, is to be stag .. Read More

ReutersLONDONPopular British television show “Dad’s Army” gets a cinema reboot this week in a new comedy hoping to garner the same l .. Read More

Staff ReporterKarachi Caterpillar Lifestyle showcased its new Spring/Summer 2016 footwear and apparel collection with a star-studded fashion presentat .. Read More

AFPLOS ANGELES‘The Birth of a Nation,’ a drama about a 19th century slave revolt in Virginia, swept top prizes at the Sundance Film Festiv .. Read More

COTLondonBowie also specified that he wanted his ashes to be scattered in Bali. David Bowie left the majority of his $100 million fortune to his wife .. Read More

AFPLONDONBBC presenter Terry Wogan, one of British television’s most familiar faces and long-running anchor of its Eurovision coverage, died of .. Read More

AFPCOPENHAGENA performance at Copenhagen’s Royal Theatre faces an unusual problem: the stars of the show - sold out in advance - could face depo .. Read More

AFPLOS ANGELES‘Spotlight,’ a drama about abuse in the Catholic church, landed the top prize on Saturday at the 22nd Screen Actors Guild Aw .. Read More

Construction workers have unearthed the bones of a mammoth and other ice age mammals on the Oregon State University football field.The Oregonian repor .. Read More

Asin Thottumkal vs Kamal Rashid Khan"It's very good decision by Asin in Budhapa who decided to get married to leave Bollywood. Public don't want to wa .. Read More

It's certainly not a small achievement and Pakistani designer Samya Arif can certainly be proud of it.Coldplay's latest single "Hymn For The Weekend" .. Read More

Hollywood - Vanessa Hudgens' father died on Saturday following a battle with cancer, and the actress planned to honor him with her performance in Fox' .. Read More

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moiz ahmed, karachi 18 Oct, 2015

I like your show and dramas very much ... View News
mussawir farhan, karachi 19 Jun, 2015

i not watch ever. but i Hope This movie will be so Best.. ... View News
hamza, 15 Jun, 2015

Fahad bhai your show is very very much good, it's the first show in my life watching with excellent feeling, love u.. east or West u are the best... ... View News
Arun kumar, hyderabad 11 Jun, 2015

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farah, 13 Nov, 2014