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Roman Urdu


اسلوب جانسن
اسلوب جليل
Johnson Grass  
جانسن گھاس

Definition & Synonyms

• John

  1. (n.) A proper name of a man.
Can, Lavatory, Privy, Toilet, Whoremonger,

• Johnson grass

  1. () A tall perennial grass (Sorghum Halepense), valuable in the Southern and Western States for pasture and hay. The rootstocks are large and juicy and are eagerly sought by swine. Called also Cuba grass, Means grass, Evergreen millet, and Arabian millet.

• Johns-wort

  1. (n.) See St. Johns-wort.

• Johnsonese

  1. (n.) The literary style of Dr. Samuel Johnson, or one formed in imitation of it; an inflated, stilted, or pompous style, affecting classical words.

• Johnsonianism

  1. (n.) A manner of acting or of writing peculiar to, or characteristic of, Dr. Johnson.

• Johnsonian

  1. (a.) Pertaining to or resembling Dr. Johnson or his style; pompous; inflated.