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Insalubrious غير صحي
Insane مجنون
Insanely بشكل مجنون
Insaneness الجنون
Insanitary غير صحي
Insanity الجنون
Insatiability الجشع
Insatiable جشع
Insatiableness الطمع
Insatiably بجشع

Definition & Synonyms

• Insaniate

  1. (v. t.) To render unsound; to make mad.

• Insatiability

  1. (n.) The state or quality of being insatiable; insatiableness.

• Insabbatati

  1. (n. pl.) The Waldenses; -- so called from their peculiary cut or marked sabots, or shoes.

• Insaneness

  1. (n.) Insanity; madness.

Lunacy, Madness,

• Insalutary

  1. (a.) Not tending to safety; productive of evil.
  2. (a.) Not salutary or wholesome; unfavorable to health.

• Insanable

  1. (a.) Not capable of being healed; incurable; irremediable.

• Insalubrious

  1. (a.) Not salubrious or healthful; unwholesome; as, an insalubrious air or climate.

• Insalubrity

  1. (n.) Unhealthfulness; unwholesomeness; as, the insalubrity of air, water, or climate.

• Insanie

  1. (n.) Insanity.

• Insafety

  1. (n.) Insecurity; danger.